Warm Weather Will Come. What Will You Wear?

Warm Weather Will Come. What Will You Wear

It Starts on the Runway
It’s a worldwide phenomenon. In New York, Milan, London and Paris fashion weeks set the bar for the coming season. While most women will never wear something right off the runway, the looks will show up – even in your favorite big box stores. With high fashion designers not just in the exclusive shops of Paris and New York, but making appearances at stores like Target, fashion trends are more available. Here are some of the favorites for spring and summer.

It’s Sheer
Think diaphanous. Think layers. Think sheer. It was a trend presented by many of the designers. A soccer Mom may not want to layer sheer on top of sheer and may leave that look for the Kardashians, but sheer can be layered over a regular fabric to get the look but not the see-through. And, what says spring and summer better than floaty material in a gentle breeze. Sheer tulle is one of the designer choices and they showed it over ready-to-wear. If it’s a look you love, you can copy it!

Not So Short
While they will probably remain in many wardrobes – especially the teenage ones – short shorts weren’t a hit on the runway this year. Instead, shorts were those classic, preppy, longer styles and, believe it or not, bike shorts. If your summer includes lots of outdoor time in shorts, you might want to use the last weeks of cold weather to work on getting toned and summer shorts and bathing suit ready.

Slip into It
It’s been a classic for years – but it take the right figure to wear it. The slip dress is back. On the runway, it was glittery and shiny. It was embellished, but it remains a favorite because it’s an easy-wear staple that’s cool both in looks and in the summer heat. It’s back for 2018 – are you ready?

Jump It Up
Jumpsuits hit the runway with many different looks. Some were elegant. Some recalled the jumpsuits of the 70s. Some were pastel and some looked like they were borrowed from your boyfriend’s closet. Look for the jumpsuit to be a staple in 2018. They’re quick to put on and they come in shapes and designs to flatter every shape and please every buyer. Simple, easy – add one or more to your wardrobe and relax – because they’re perfect for relaxing!

Denim Is Still Trendy
Face it – women love it. Denim hit the runway from top to bottom. Denim shirts were paired with jeans and skirts. And, if that’s not enough, denim boots even walked the runway. Oscar de la Renta showed it with paint stains. Now, that’s a look you may have in the back of your closet from the last time you had your own painting project. Denim jackets were deconstructed to create new looks and different shapes – but, all your favorite denims should be in style this spring and summer.

Bright and Prints
Pink was one of the first colors down a runway – and it was pink! Bright pink. Tom Ford showed a bright pink jacket over an even brighter pink – you guessed it – jumpsuit. So, bright pink is going be popular as it showed up again and again. It also showed up toned down to join other “sorbet” colors like lavender. Then, think about prints. They were mixed – not necessarily matched. Have some fun in your closet. Use your imagination to create whole new print combinations you never even considered before. You’ll be a fashion hit!

Get Ready with Your Shape in the Right Shape
Summer can be a little scary. You want to take off those last 10 pounds. You want to be flitty in a pretty sheer (even if you wear it over something not-so-sheer). You want to put on shorts and even a longer length may not be enough to hide a bulge you hate. Sooner or later, there’s going to be a swim suit. There’s good news on the shape front, too. HYPOXI, an exercise hit in Europe and Australia, has come to the USA shores. It combines low impact exercise with vacuum and compression and it works to sculpt your shape. How? It increases blood flow to those trouble spots and that makes losing them possible. It will be a beautiful summer with no more tummy bulge and the thighs you always wanted. Happy sunshine and happy summer!