5 Reasons to Have a Weight Loss Doctor in Your Corner

5 Reasons to Have a Weight Loss Doctor

There are reasons to get the help you need when you want to lose weight. Whether you’re trying to shed a stubborn 10 or 20 pounds or you need a sizeable weight loss to protect your health, medical weight loss can give you the help you need. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. There are Prescription Weight Loss Drugs. If you’ve tried the weight loss aids from your local health food store or natural grocer and they didn’t work, there are more choices in both medications and strengths when you receive those drugs by prescription from a medical weight loss center or medical provider. Plus, when you get medical help, you’re going to get a personalized program that is right for your body and your lifestyle. It can make a big difference.

2. You’ve Lost it Before – and put it right back on. Yo-yo weight gain is often the norm, not the exception. When you work with a medical weight loss team, your program will include maintenance and support so that you can really keep those pounds off. Some weight loss centers even have psychologists on staff if your emotions play a role in the lose it-gain it cycle. You get the help you need to lose weight, go forward to a healthier you and keep that weight off.

3. Your Appetite is Hard for You to Control. Whether you struggle with binge eating or just have an unhealthy relationship with food, medical weight loss can help. For some, to have the ability to walk away from food is a difficult problem. You just can’t seem to say no and you can’t get your eating habits right – even when you know it’s important and something you need to do. Medical weight loss can provide both the counseling and the prescription weight loss medicines that can finally break those unhealthy habits and get you on the road to success.

4. The Pounds just won’t Come Off. You’ve cut calories and you’ve started exercising, but the scales aren’t moving. Medical weight loss to the rescue. It could be that your metabolism has slowed down with age or another problem. A medical weight loss center will recognize a problem and know how to get those pounds to start coming off.

5. You need the Knowledge and Experience. Talking to a friend about your yo-yo weight may make you feel better, but that friend’s advice probably won’t solve the problem. With medical weight loss, you have all the help you need. There is an experienced staff that has seen it all and knows how to help you when the scale is stuck or you’ve overindulged. You are under the care of a weight loss specialist and supported by an experienced, professional staff. It makes a big difference – one you can see on the scales.

See a medical weight loss center or a weight loss specialist and get the medical grade diet aides and professional medical help you need to take off pounds for a happier and healthier you.