5 Ways a Compounding Pharmacy Can Help with Children’s Medicines

Compounding Pharmacy Can Help with Children’s Medicines

Talk to your pediatrician if you have problems with giving your child the medicine he or she needs. Ask about working with a compounding pharmacy to solve your problem. A compounding pharmacy and pharmacist is regulated just like those in the drug store. The difference? They can compound a medicine that is personalized for your needs.

1. What Medications are Available? A compounding pharmacy can compound medicines to treat any ailment – from diabetes to head lice. They can help you cure diaper rash and they can create a pain relief medicine. Whether your child needs treatment for a respiratory illness or for a skin disorder, they can deliver any medicine that has been prescribed. The difference? They can change the flavor or the delivery method or the dosage so it is exactly right for your child.

2. How can they make Medicines that Work for you? Many children won’t take a liquid medicine if it has a strange texture or taste. The liquid is grape – the one flavor your child can’t tolerate. A compounding pharmacy can deliver medicine in many different forms. They can be colorful and taste good! It’s not just liquids with the right color and flavor. Medicines can be delivered in lollipops, gummy treats and even as topical gels that can be applied rather than swallowed. Liquids can be effervescent if that pleases the child. Baby? Medications can be delivered using special pacifiers or bottles.

3. Allergies are Avoided. Your compounding pharmacy can make a medicine in a form that is gluten-free, casein-free, soy-free or dye-free. If your child is allergic to an ingredient, the compounding pharmacy will personalize the medicine so the child can take it without risk.

4. Size Matters. Children come in all shapes and sizes. A large child may need a larger dose for the medicine to be effective and a tiny child may need to be protected with a smaller dose of the medicine. If you’ve ever had to cut pills and keep track of whether the day requires a half pill or a full pill, you know that it’s not fun. More, it opens the door for mistakes. A compounding pharmacy will make the medicine with the right dose for your child.

5. Meeting the Needs of the Autistic Child. It may not be a matter of an allergy, but there are ingredients that can trigger adverse reactions from an autistic child. You don’t want the ingredients of a medication the child needs to cause irritability, hyperactivity or depression. Gastrointestinal problems may also be an issue. A compounding pharmacy understands that an autistic child’s medication may need specialized, personalized care and they can meet those needs.

If you need special help for pediatric medicines in your hometown, consider a visit to a compounding pharmacy. You’ll get the correct dose delivered in a way that will make the medicine easy to administer and avoid ill effects. Think of it as medicines personalized for your child.