4 Facts About Compounding Pharmacies

Facts About Compounding Pharmacies

Compounding pharmacies offer you important options. They can compound and replace a drug that worked for you but has been removed from the market. They can create a pill that’s easier to swallow. They can fill your individual needs. Here are 4 things to know about compounding pharmacies.

1. Before 1950 when the big pharmaceutical companies came on the scene and insurance companies began to have a voice in how medicines were prescribed and filled, most medicines were compounded or custom made. The profession of pharmacy was – and still is — based on the triad of a patient-physician-pharmacist. It’s here to work with you and your doctor to provide medicines that are made just for you, but meet all the requirements of the prescriptions.

2. A Pharmacist is a Specialist in chemical properties and the preparation of medicine. Each state requires pharmacy schools to include compounding in their core curriculum. Compounding pharmacies are licensed and regulated by their state’s Board of Pharmacy in every one of the 50 states and in the District of Columbia – just like the other pharmacies where you buy your drugs. Think of them as a custom builder – a custom builder of prescriptions.

3. Start a Conversation with your physician. If you think you could benefit from having prescriptions filled by a compounding pharmacy, talk with your physician. You might ask if the physician is familiar with compounding pharmacies. If you have had a problem getting a drug you feel helped you, but is now out of stock or discontinued, ask your doctor about having it prepared at a compounding pharmacy. Discuss your needs for compounded medication with your physician and see if you agree that a compounding pharmacy might be good for getting you the medications you need.

4. Why Would You Need a compounding pharmacy? Here are just some of reasons a compounding pharmacy might be the pharmacy you need.

You are Allergic to a certain ingredient like a dye or binder in an off-the-shelf medicine or the prescription drug you get at your pharmacy. A compounding pharmacy may be able to eliminate the ingredient so you can get the benefit of the medicine you need.

Pills are too Big or just have to take too many. A compounding pharmacy may be able to make the pill in another form like a liquid or cream to give you the correct dosage in a form that is easier to manage. They may also be able to combine several medications into a single pill to make it easier to take and comply with prescribed medications.

It’s Yucky and that can make it very difficult to get a child or a senior to take a liquid medicine. A compounding pharmacy may be able to make it in a different – more enjoyable – flavor and that can make life much easier.

They’re not Making it. It happens a pharmaceutical may discontinue a medicine because it is no longer profitable or they feel it has been replaced by another medicine. But, it was a medicine that worked for you. A compounding pharmacy can recreate it.

Size Counts. You may need a larger dose or a smaller based on your size or the size of your child. Rather than cutting pills and trying to get it right, a compounding pharmacy can make the exact does you need.

A compounding pharmacy is a way to make your medicine personalized for you. It is regulated by the same Board that regulates the pharmacy in your drug store. There a Nationwide Compounding Pharmacy in Scottsdale and there’s a compounding pharmacy in your town. Talk to your doctor if you feel a compounding pharmacy might be the answer to your individualized prescription needs.