5 Facts About Spot Weight Reduction

Facts About Spot Weight Reduction

You’ve given up. You want to have a more sculpted shape but there’s a bulge here and some cellulite there. And, you’re not willing to undergo an invasive medical procedure. But, it’s time to try again. Science is showing that weight loss is possible. And, best of all it’s possible with low impact exercise. Here are 5 things to know.

1. Spot Weight Loss is based in Science. Cold fat is hard to “mobilize” – that means it is hard to lose. What can warm up cold fat? Blood flow! It is a fact that it is easier to lose weight in areas that have the best blood flow. Of course, cutting calories with a nutritional diet is part of any weight loss program, but to get to those problem areas like your tummy, thighs, love handles or bottom you may need the help of increased blood flow. In short, blood flow is crucial to getting rid of fat.

2. Feel it Yourself. Snuggle up to your partner and you’re going to notice that the problem areas are cooler. In women, that’s often the thighs and bottom. In men, it may be the gut. You need to tell your body where you want to lose weight and you need to give it help to warm up those trouble spots.

3. Compression and Vacuum Technology Increases Blood Flow. Literally, machines that provide compression and vacuum pull the blood into a specified body area. When they go to work, you go to work – with low impact exercise that allows you to be connected to the technology. A reclining bike – even a treadmill – will give you great exercise and spot reduction. It doesn’t have to be the high impact, high energy, difficult exercise you may think you need. You’ve got help so you can exercise comfortably.

4. More Blood – more Weight Loss. Exercise using vacuum and compression produces results you can see in as little as 2 to 4 weeks. That extra blood being brought into the area allows you to burn fat in problem areas just as you burn fat in the easier spots.

5. Where to Find the Weight Loss Technology. Vacuum and compression technology has been offered worldwide and is now arriving on America’s shores with HYPOXI salons. You can read the results from Australia and other European countries where HYPOXI is well established and used for body sculpting by beach-goers and stars alike. They’re impressive and based on real science.

HYPOXI is coming to America. These salons have arrived with Targeted Fat Loss in Scottsdale, AZ and may be coming to your city. They’re giving a new option to sculpt your body without an invasive procedure and with real results.