5 Reasons Why You May Want to See a Weight Loss Specialist

See a Weight Loss Specialist

It may come down to how a doctor feels about weight loss. A weight loss specialist is most likely going to see being overweight as a disease – a disease they can treat. Other doctors may see extra pound as your problem — something they shouldn’t treat with prescription drugs. Here are 5 reasons why you may get more help with your diet if you see a weight loss specialist.

1. Weight Loss Specialists Understand Diet Drugs. A physician who is not well versed in diet drugs may be hesitant to prescribe them. After all, when amphetamines were used, addiction numbers rose. Fen-phen was a diet drug hit in the 90s until it was discovered it could cause heart damage. Today’s diet drugs are safer – just ask a weight loss specialist – but other doctors may not feel as confident about prescribing them.

2. Obesity is a Disease. The American Medical Association only recognized obesity as a disease in 2012 – just 5 years ago. A weight loss specialist understands that it is a disease – one that can be successfully treated. Other physicians may be less likely to see weight as something they can – and should – treat. One doctor said that “these divergent views on obesity represent one of the widest gulfs of understanding between generalists and specialist in all of medicine.”

3. It’s Complex. One of the biggest concerns of early man was finding enough food to keep from starving. That’s how man evolved. A weight loss specialist understands that being overweight involves the brain, the gut, fat cells, hormones and more. They are more able to personalize a diet that will bring results.

4. Being Overweight is Neurological – at least, in part – according to Dr. Jeffrey Flier, a dean at Harvard Medical School and an endocrinologist. In short, eating fattening foods becomes, literally, irresistible after too many calorie-loaded foods have been consumed. Dr. Flier explains that this might happen because all those calories may change the hypothalamus – the part of the brain that tells us when we’re full.

5. We need to Change our Thinking. Society may judge people who are overweight as being inactive, lazy and lacking self-control. And, most likely, the term “diet doctor” doesn’t have the same ring as pediatrician or another specialist. In fact, it’s time to recognize the struggle people have with the disease of being overweight. It is a serious disease that should get the proper treatment.

If you are struggling with your weight, consider getting help at a medical weight loss center. Look at the center’s results and look at the staff. You want to find one like the Phoenix weight loss center that is headed by a bariatric doctor, includes nurse practitioners who have experience with weight loss and has a psychologist on staff. Think of your battle to lose weight as treating a disease and get the help you need.