5 Important Reasons to Lose Weight and How to Do It

Reasons to Lose Weight and How to Do It

The most important reasons to lose weight are quantifiable and losing weight under the care of a weight loss specialist will help you reach your goal. Here are 4 health benefits you gain – and the reason medical supervision helps!

1. Less Risk of Depression and Anxiety: You want to make positive lifestyle changes a part of your weight loss plan and a medical weight loss center can help you make those changes. As you drop the pounds and create a healthier lifestyle, your mood is likely to improve along with your health. You’ll gain a sense of accomplishment that will be a positive to lift your feelings of wellbeing.

2. Lower Blood Pressure: If you are overweight and struggling with high or rising blood pressure, losing weight can lower it. WebMD reports that losing as little as 10 pounds can bring those numbers down. It’s almost instant gratification. When you lose weight, you’re helping control your blood pressure and you’re lowering your risk for heart disease and stroke. Losing weight will improve your heart health overall. The American Heart Association reports that even those with healthy hearts may be impairing their hearts’ pumping ability if they are overweight.

3. Reduce LDL Cholesterol. This one isn’t 10 pounds – it’s 10% of your body weight to see reduced LDL, but if you are overweight and weigh 200 pounds, you only need to take off 20. Note that when you start to lose weight not only do you lower the bad or LDL cholesterol; the good HDL cholesterol may lower, too. However, maintain a healthy, balanced diet and it will go back up. Also, if you don’t stick with that good diet, your LDL may also rise again – that’s something you don’t want!

4. Improve your Glucose Levels. If you are overweight, those extra pounds can hurt your glucose tolerance. That, in turn, can lead to Type II diabetes. Losing weight improves the problem and your body is able to use insulin better. Lose weight, increase your physical activity and improve your diet and you may even be able to reverse Type II diabetes.

5. Medical Weight Loss. It’s an advantage – you want an expert medical weight loss staff in your corner. They will supervise your weight loss, encourage you and help you reach both your immediate and your long-term weight loss goals. They can prescribe diet pills and shots to help you. They have plans that address a rapid weight loss to get you off to a great start and, also, they will address maintenance to keep those pounds off for good.

When you’re trying to find the right medical weight loss center, look at the staff. Make an appointment for a consultation and see if you feel comfortable in the facility. You want a facility that’s staffed like the weight loss center. It’s headed by a medical doctor who has specialized training in weight loss and weight related disease, and there is even a psychologist on staff along with other medical professionals. Look for the help you need and lose those pounds for a healthier life!