Lose Weight – Gain 4 Emotional Benefits

Lose Weight

Weight loss does more than just improve your looks – it can help improve your emotional outlook on life. Here are 4 emotional benefits you’ll enjoy when you lose weight.

1. If you’ve been Depressed, it will Improve. In seventeen different studies, 16 showed improvement in depressive symptoms when participants lost weight. While the studies didn’t detail why the changes took place, they may be easy to understand. Losing a threshold amount of weight, is success. You are likely to become more active and more socially involved. You’re going to feel better emotionally. It’s a very big emotional benefit of weight loss.

2. You have Better Body Image. You look better and you like that change. Studies have measured an improvement in body image by looking at things like body dissatisfaction, how people rated their body on a scale (something like 1 to 10), expressed body shape concerns and other factors. Lose weight and your body image improves! One word of warning here. You may have to work at thinking of how you look with your new body and it may take a little time. Reward yourself with a purchase of pants that really fit. Tuck in your shirt. Don’t get stuck buying the same figure hiding clothes that you bought before your weight loss.

3. You Gain Self-Esteem. You did it! You set a goal and you reached it. There is a linear aspect to your weight loss. As you lose more, your self-esteem continues to rise. You have probably made health lifestyle changes – exercising more and eating better. Those things made you feel good about yourself. You’ve shown self-control and you’re proud of yourself for walking past those donuts in the breakroom or driving past what used to be your favorite fast food French fry stop. You deserve to be proud of yourself and it shows up in increased self-esteem.

4. You Enjoy a Healthier You. Your good health may have been one of the main reasons you lost weight, but as you realize your health numbers have gotten better and your energy has increased, you get the emotional benefit of an improved quality of life. You look better and you feel better. You’ve learned how to be social without making it all about high-calories eating. You’re happy to meet your friends and order the salad. You enjoy your family more – you’re more able to run and play with the kids or just have more energy to get you through a busy day. Feeling better physically means feeling better emotionally. Enjoy!

When you need to get all the benefits from losing weight – both physical and emotional, get started. If you need extra help, consider a medical weight loss center where you’ll be under the care of a doctor who is a weight loss and weight related disease specialist. These centers have a fully trained staff to help you overcome obstacles and reach your goal. Plus, they’ll personalize a diet just for you. They aren’t hard to find. Get the help you need so you can be healthier and enjoy being you!