5 Ways to Lose Belly Fat

Ways to Lose Belly Fat

You want to lose weight – but you want to lose weight in the spot where you want to lose weight. Overall, you think you’ve done a good job of watching your weight, but then there’s that belly. It just doesn’t want to go away. Here are 5 reasons that may be the cause.

1. You’re Aging. And, aging changes how you put on weight. For both men and women, metabolism slows down. For women, weight gain is more likely to happen in the stomach area after menopause. Simply, you don’t need as many calories in a day so it’s easier to gain and harder to lose – especially in a targeted area.

2. Life is Stressful. Whether it’s the kids, the bills, work or just a very, very busy lifestyle. You may think that stress doesn’t matter because after all you’re not turning to the cookie jar for help. However, it’s the hormone. When you are stressed, your body produces more cortisol. It’s the stress hormone and it has been linked to more visceral fat. Plus, stress may be telling your body to hang on to those calories and increase the fat cells as a reaction to deal with stress.

3. Sleep? What’s that? It’s something that makes a big difference in your life. Research has shown that if you sleep five hours or less a night, it’s a problem. A 30-pound problem, perhaps. The study showed that women getting this small amount of sleep were 30% more likely to gain 30 or more pounds. The National Institute of Health recommends 8 hours. A good night’s rest means a good morning – sleep helps keep you healthy (and thinner?!?).

4. You’re Crunching it Up. Or, doing another exercise that is all wrong. Fitness experts recommend that instead of crunches or trying to spot reduce, you work on the core muscles – abdominals, back, pelvic and obliques – and exercises for the whole body. You’ll burn more calories. Exercises for certain, problem areas just aren’t effective. And, cardio is good for your heart but probably won’t whittle your waist.

5. Are you Inflamed? Inflammation play a role in helping create belly fat. Processed foods like white bread and chips and the sugars in sweetened drinks or in that luscious dessert all increase the inflammation in a body. Good foods – like veggies and fruits packed with antioxidants – have anti-inflammatory properties. So, give your diet some serious thought.

Another reason you may not be losing that belly fat is that you just aren’t motivated. You’ve tried – and failed. That may mean that it’s time to try something else like body-contouring. Today, there are ways to address problem. However, some of the spot reduction processes, like liposuction, are invasive. If you’re not ready for an invasive procedure, consider HYPOXI. HYPOXI studios have come to America and you can get the targeted weight loss in other studios nationwide. HYPOXI has delivered proven results using compression and vacuum technology to increase the blood flow to targeted areas like your bum, your tummy and more. Check out the success stories on the Internet. This may be an answer that will work for you.