6 Problems a Compounding Pharmacy Can Solve

Problems a Compounding Pharmacy Can Solve

When you need a special medication or have a problem finding the medicine you need, a compounding pharmacy may be your best answer. Here are 6 things a compounding pharmacy can do for you.

1. Make Pain Management Medicines that Work for You. Many people have trouble with traditional oral pain medications. They can make the person dizzy, drowsy or just “out of it”. Or, they may upset the stomach. That doesn’t mean you have to suffer. A compounding pharmacy can take traditional pain meds and deliver them in an alternate way such as a spray, cream or gel. It’s relief you need without the side effects.

2. Help Treat your Child. When you visit a compounding pharmacy, your child’s medicine will be compounded precisely for the child and his or her height and weight. They can also give your child liquid medicine in a choice of flavors. If the child hates grape and loves cherry, no problem. A compounding pharmacy can make getting your child to take his or her medicine much easier and that’s a big help!

3. Take the Allergy Out of your Medicine. A commercially manufactured medicine may contain a filler or an ingredient that you are allergic to. No tough choices here. You don’t have to give up the helpful medicine. Whether you need the medicine to be lactose, preservative, dyes or gluten free, a compounding pharmacy can formulate a medicine that will give you the treatment without the allergen. They can even take the sugar out of your meds if you want.

4. They can Help you Get it Down. Sometimes, a senior – or a younger person — simply may not be able to swallow a large pill or capsule. Rather than watching someone you love gagging to try to swallow the meds they need – or having to go through that yourself – talk to a compounding pharmacy. For example, they can turn that capsule into a liquid. Get the help you need.

5. They can Create the Medicine you Need. Sometimes, big pharmaceutical companies will discontinue a medicine. They may believe that a newer medicine takes its place or the medicine may just have a limited demand. If it worked for you, ask your compounding pharmacy to recreate it.

6. They can Help your Pet. Many veterinary medicines come in one size. That works if your dog is a regular sized dog, but it you have a toy breed, you may end up slicing pills to the right size and dosage. Big dog? You don’t just struggle to get one pill down; you need two. Many veterinary meds are less expensive at a compounding pharmacy and they can even make them in chicken flavor.

It’s not hard to find a compounding pharmacy. You’ll find them everywhere. There’s a Compounding Pharmacy in Scottsdale, AZ, and there’s probably one in your hometown. Look it up and then go talk to the professional compounding pharmacist about what you need. You’ve come to the right place.