5 Good Choices to Make While Enjoying Summer Fun

Good Choices to Make While Enjoying Summer Fun

What choice is the best choice? When you look at some of the summer choices, none may look like a sure thing to keep your calorie count on track. Here are 5 picks that you may not have thought about choosing. So, relax and enjoy them!

1. Hot Dog? Grilled Cheese? That grilled cheese beckons you. After all, it seems healthier – especially when it can be served up on nutritious whole wheat bread. Oops. Bad choice. When you combine the calories in the cheese and the butter or margarine used to fry the sandwich, you’re talking over 600 calories. On the other hand, put some sauerkraut and mustard on a hot dog and you’re only consuming about 275 calories. That chili dog isn’t off limits either. It will come in at about 350 calories.

2. Cheeseburger or BBQ Chicken Leg and Thigh? Afraid of that BBQ sauce with its sugar and the skin (doesn’t it look crispy and good?) of the chicken. Relax! That cheeseburger is going to come in at a whopping 600 calories – and that’s a small quarter-pounder. The chicken? A hundred calories less – and you can save 50 more if you remove the skin.

3. Yogurt or Ice Cream Sandwich? Yogurt is going to lose this round – with almost twice the calories you’ll find in the ice cream sandwich. And, if you eat that yogurt in a waffle cone, you’ll get two or three times that 300-calories one cup serving. It can add up in a hurry. The ice cream sandwich will remind you of your childhood and only delivers about 160 calories.

4. Want Crunch? Go for the pretzels – not the chips. A pretzel – and we’re talking about a full-flavored honey mustard treat will have about 130 calories in a handful. Those potato chips only top that by a slim 30 calories margin. The trick here is that the pretzels will satisfy that crunch – plus, that craving for a salty taste – more thoroughly. When it comes to the chips, didn’t someone say you couldn’t eat just one?

5. What about the Soft Pretzel? Pass on the bigger pretzel version! It may be just one pretzel, but it’s more than one serving. Think of it as about six slices of white bread. It has 500 calories, so if you have to have it, share! Or, make another choice. This may surprise you, but choose the caramel corn over that pretzel. A large bag of Cracker Jacks (about 3 cups) or another caramel corn is just 360 calories – 120 calories a cup. Eat it kernel by kernel and it will last a long time – share the bag and come out way ahead.

Making good choices doesn’t have to be hard – you just need to know what to choose. But, if you are significantly overweight and its hurting your health, make the best choice. Choose a diet plan that will work for you. Join an online group or a diet program. Be sure to consider attending a medical weight loss center where you can get prescription diet aids and the support of a fully trained, professional staff – all under the supervision of a medical specialist, a bariatric doctor who has the training to help you succeed. That’s a great choice for you good health and a great start to making those healthy choices.