5 Attitudes That Will Help You Lose Weight

Attitudes That Will Help You Lose Weight

Getting ready to diet means getting your attitude set to succeed. Here are 5 mindsets that will help – even if you’ve failed before. You can do it – believe in yourself!

1. It’s not a Diet; it’s Living Healthy. Don’t think in terms of just taking off some pounds. Think of starting a journey that will lead to a healthier lifestyle. Think long range. Imagine yourself eating healthier and making exercise a part of your life – not just while you’re trying to lose – but ongoing for a more energetic future. If you just think of the short term and focus on the pounds you want to lose, you are more likely to return to your bad habits and put them back on. Focus on the big picture!

2. Know your Goals. Whether you just want to lose a few pounds – and keep them off – or whether you need to lose a substantial amount of weight, set goals and be realistic. Consider talking with a weight loss specialist or medical weight loss center and let them help you set realistic goals that will keep you on track until the pounds are gone.

3. Believe is You! Even if you’ve failed in the past, give yourself a pat on the back for starting over. Tell yourself you can do it! Stay positive – even if you miss a workout or have a day when you eat more than you should. Look at that long-term plan and know you’re in it to the end. Weight loss isn’t a straight path – they’ll be some detours along the way – accept that and keep putting one foot in front of the other. You can do it! Keep telling yourself you will succeed.

4. Reward Yourself. Set some milestones – the first 5 pounds, the first 15 – whatever works for you. Then, rewards yourself. Get a massage or mani and pedi. Go shopping – even if you have more weight to lose. Consider a pretty accessory or, if you already need them, a pair of good-fitting classic pants. Acknowledge your success with a treat and new resolve to keep going.

5. Get Support. Find the friend or relative who will encourage you and help keep you on track. That’s the person who won’t encourage you to have a burger instead of a salad! You may need more and if that’s the case, consider joining a diet group or take advantage of the weight loss plans offered at a medical weight loss center and the support of their professional staff. Don’t just go it alone!

Get serious! Get ready! Put on a smile and a good attitude and, then, start losing. Find the way that’s right for you. Diet with a friend or go for a consultation at a medical weight loss center. With a medical weight loss center, you’ll find a plan that addresses the now and the later so you lose weight and keep it off – all under the supervision of a doctor who is weight loss specialist. It may be the help you need. But, whatever way you decide to lose weight, put a smile on your face and new resolve in your ability to succeed.