5 Things That May Be Keeping You from Losing

Things That May Be Keeping You from Losing

It could be something you can change – or it could be something you have to overcome. Here are 5 different reasons that you may have a difficult time stopping the scales from rising and getting them to drop.

1. You have a Thyroid Problem. They’re more common than you think. About 20 million American adults – and more women than men – have a thyroid problem. Your thyroid produces the hormones that set your metabolism. If you have a low thyroid output – hypothyroidism – you may feel tired, your hair could thin and you could gain weight. A slow metabolism makes it harder to lose and easier to gain. Hypothyroidism is diagnosed with a simple blood test. Just ask your doctor.

2. You don’t Know What You Eat. So, you can’t control what you eat. You don’t pay attention to your portion size – after all, you had a salad for lunch. But, how much dressing was on that salad? You just had one sugary drink at dinner, but, wait, did the waiter give you a refill or two? You may be adding up calories without even knowing. Be a conscious eater. Snack on nuts and raisins instead of a cookie. Think healthy – and keep a food diary so you really can see what may be causing that scales to be stuck.

3. You take Several Medicines. One of them could be the culprit. Some medicines cause weight gain. For example, steroids used to treat asthma and other inflammatory conditions can cause weight gain. Some of the medicines used to fight depression can increase your weight. Talk to your doctor and see if there is an alternate medicine that won’t cause the weight gain. If it is a medicine you need and one that can’t be changed, face up to it. You’re going to have to be extra vigilant about your calorie intake.

4. You have an Occasional Drink. But, are you counting? Sure, you know you never let yourself get tipsy. You call yourself a moderate drinker, but those calories still add up. A 5-oz. glass of wine is about 120 calories and a cocktail is 300 or 400. If you drink a regular basis, giving up that cocktail or glass of wine could help you finally move the scale in the right direction.

5. Your Mom was Heavy. She still talks about how much weight she gained when she was carrying you. Studies have shown that women who were overweight or obese when they were pregnant are more likely to have overweight babies. And, that “baby fat” can cause a lifetime of fighting the scales. Don’t blame Mom, but be aware and know you might have to be work harder to get the pounds off.

If you can’t get your scales on a downward path and you know that the extra pounds you’re carrying are hurting your self-image and your health, get the help you need. Talk to your doctor about medicines and get cleared to go on a diet that will finally help you shed the pounds. Consider talking to a medical weight loss center where you can lose weight under the supervision of an MD who is a weight loss specialist. A medical weight loss clinic has seen all the problems and knows how to overcome them. It’s time to smile when you step on the scales; so get started!