5 Tips to Get the Best Deal on an Internet Mattress

Tips to Get the Best Deal on an Internet Mattress

You’re doing something new and different. You’re buying your new mattress on the Internet. That’s smart. Here are 5 tips to make you an even smarter buyer.

1. Take the Trial Period Seriously. You’ve probably wondered what stretching out on a mattress in a showroom can tell you. And, you were probably right – not much. Most of us are too embarrassed to pay real attention to how the mattress feels. One of the biggest advantages of buying on the Internet is finding a mattress that gives you a long trial period – as long as 120 days. You test your mattress in the privacy of your own bedroom. It takes 30 days for your body to adjust to a new mattress so don’t rush to judgement. Sleep on your new mattress for at least a month or longer. Then, if you’re not happy, return it for a refund. Make sure that the company will pick up the mattress if you want to return it and read the fine print so you meet all the requirements for a return.

2. Don’t be Afraid of New Technology. Beds are getting better. Compare today’s beds to what your mother or grandmother slept on and you can see how much they have improved. Today’s beds are scientifically engineered. Manufacturers know more about sleep and they have more choices with when they make a bed. They are constantly trying to create a better bed – and they’re succeeding. For example, memory foam has too much sink for many people and tends to sleep hot. Latex is cooler but it may have too much pushback for some sleepers. New manmade foams are solving those problems with open cell technology for a cooler night’s rest and layering that gives the sleeper both bounce for movement and conforming support to end aches and pains. A perfect example of this would be the new TitanFlex foam from Brooklyn Bedding. It is modern sleep technology at it’s finest.

3. Look for a Manufacturer. There are many more mattress brands than mattress manufacturers. If they told you, you might realize that three different bedding brands are actually made in the same factory – owned by someone else. If they’re not making their own beds, you’re paying for a middleman. It’s an unnecessary expense. There are online mattresses that are a much better deal because they’re being sold by the manufacturer. There’s no middleman and that means you’re only paying for the bed. Plus, the manufacturer controls the quality and can make a better bed that sells for a lower price.

4. Look for Longevity. Internet sales look like an easy dollar to some companies. Know who you are buying from; it’s just a matter of taking a hard look at the company as well as the bed. You want to work with an experienced company, not one that’s just looking to make a quick buck.

5. Read Reviews. That’s another plus of buying on the Internet. You can see what people who are sleeping on the mattress have to say about it. Check reviews in several places to come away with an accurate picture of what real people think about both the mattress and the customer service they received.

Buying on the Internet can be a very smart move. With the long trial periods, you can make sure you have the right mattress or you can get a refund. Visit several online dealers – find one that sells direct and has longevity in the business. Don’t be afraid of the new technology. You just may find the bed of your dreams – the one that will send you off to dreamland.