5 Summertime Diet Busters

Summertime Diet Busters

Ahhh, summer. It comes with warm days with lots of sunshine, family fun and summer celebrations. Add them all up and you come up with some very tempting diet busters. Here are 5 and a better choice when you just can’t say no.

1. At the Fair and Carnival. When you can have anything from fried pickles to Italian sausage and it all smells so good, be careful. That Italian sausage can pack up to 500 calories. Funnel cake a huge favorite especially with chocolate or strawberry sauce can come in at as much as 1000 calories. Try to say no to all those tempting treats, but if you’re having lunch or dinner, pick the chicken on a skewer at about 140 calories. Need something sweet – go for a crepe filled with fruit and you’re only consuming about 300 calories.

2. At the Picnic: Hopefully if you’re bringing part of the menu, you’ve filled a bowl with wonderful cut summer fruit – everyone on a diet will thank you. But, someone is bound to bring the potato salad. And, it’s so good! Homemade potato salad probably has about 350 calories in a cup – and your serving will probably be bigger than just a cup. If that doesn’t stop you, it will tally almost 60% of your daily cholesterol. Stick with your fruit or indulge in the vegetarian baked beans with as few as 150 calories in a cup and lots of fiber and protein to keep you feeling full. Other better choices are cole slaw if it’s made with vinegar or bean salad.

3. At the Ballpark. If you’re at Yankee Stadium you want the Philly cheese steak – it comes complete with cheese and 900 calories. Instead, go for a roast beef sandwich – or better yet turkey. The turkey will save you sodium and unsaturated fat, too. By the way, skip the peanuts. If you down the whole bag, you’ve taken in more than 750 calories. Even, a hot dog – often, thought to be not-so-healthy, will only be about 300 calories if it’s a Nathan’s and has mustard and no mayo.

4. Forget the Frozen Margarita. Skip it even if you make it at home. Add up the frozen margarita mix, the tequila and the triple sec and you’re looking at 400 calories. At the bar, it’s probably going to be bigger and pack in even more calories. That refreshing sangria will bring you in at under 200 calories and a flavored vodka with soda water could bring you in well under 100.

5. The Ice Cream Truck or Store. Forget that soft serve that will probably come in at almost 200 calories and about half from fat. Remember how good that popsicle used to be. OK, they’re high on sugar but they are fat free. Be really good and go for an all-natural frozen fruit bar and come in under 100 calories.

If you think you could handle the substitutes, but if you just could get started on that diet. You know your health is being negatively impacted by your weight — get help. A medical weight loss center will personalize a diet for the way you live and give you all the help and encourage you need to stick with it. They can get you off to a fast start and support you with prescription diet aids if needed. If you’re really overweight, concentrate on getting healthy with the help you need to succeed. Make summer your time to get started.