6 Fashion Trends for Spring

Fashion Trends for Spring

It’s a time of year to enjoy. Put away those bulky sweaters. Get out in the sunshine. Be your flirty, fun best. Here are 6 fashions trends for spring.

1. Pink Is In. Go with shocking pink – pink with ruffles, bows or any romantic touch are going to be big this spring. Color-saturated pink is going to make you stand out in the crowd. And, doesn’t pink make you feel happy – just like it did when you were a little girl? So, get that bright pink fashion and be on trend.

2. Wear it on Your Sleeve. Sleeves are going to be a fashion statement this spring. You can get flirty with fluted sleeves that make you feel like a maiden from centuries past while you’re up-to-the-minute with today’s fashion trends. Puffy sleeves are great, too. Forget that button-downed men’s look and express your femininity by wearing it on your sleeve. But, maybe on just one sleeve because the one-shoulder split top is going to be popular, too.

3. Athleisure is a Trend. It’s perfect for spring. You look like you’re one of the team but you’re really a fashion leader with body-skimming knits, color-blocked bodysuits and great sporty separates. Athleisure was a hit on the runway and it’s an easy look for your hometown.

4. Toes and Ankles are Showing Off. Your flats and kitten heel sandals are going romantic with velvet and pearls, feathers and beautiful embellishments. Not only are they more comfortable than those high, high heels; they’re going to show off your pedicure while they let you get out and get moving.

5. Your Bra is Showing. It’s a new look where bras come out of hiding and are on full display. You can show off your bra with an open shirt or have it peeking out of a very low-cut V neckline. Glamour says go with a richly colored satin or silk triangle bra. Your bra is going from utilitarian to glamorous this spring!

6. Show Your Stripes. And, show them in bright colors – rainbow bright. You’re going to find them in wide, broad bands and in skinny stripes that are almost hypnotic. They’re going to appear in every color, shape and size and on a variety of clothing from that beach cover-up to a dress that makes a bold fashions statement.

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