5 Reasons – Besides Your Health – To Lose Pounds

Reasons To Lose Pounds

You know. You know that being overweight increases your chance of Type II diabetes, heart disease and, even, some cancers. Those are the best reasons to take off pounds. But, here are 5 reasons to take off pounds that may provide a little more motivation to get you started on a weight loss journey.

1. It will Make You Happier. Living with a problem is debilitating. And, being heavy can be a problem. Once you address it and start to correct it, you will feel better about yourself. If part of your plan is to exercise more, you’ll also get the benefit of those feel-good hormones. But, just starting a diet plan is a positive step – and that will make you happier. Get started and start smiling.

2. It will Make Your Life Easier. You worry about what you can wear that will make you look good. You don’t want to ask for a seat belt extender when you get on an airline – and, even if you don’t need the extender, you don’t want to be so big that the person next to you is uncomfortable. You want toclimb the bleachers and take a seat to watch the big game. Losing weight will make your life easier because you’ll be able to leave those worries behind and be able to be more active.

3. You Love your Friends and Family. And, you know that they worry that your health is being negatively affected by your weight. Use their love and concern as a motivator when you take action to get rid of those extra pounds. Your good health is a wonderful gift for your everyone who cares about you.

4. You Want to Feel Good About Yourself and be a Good Example. You want to be the Dad that can play a game of touch football without stopping to catch your breath. You want to be the Mom who can win a game of tag. You want to be the friend who can join the team for the 5K and raise money for a cause that’s important to you. You want to look good. You want to enjoy sex more – you want to set an example for those around you. You can face your problem, overcome it and lose those pounds. When you do, you’ll feel good about you and you just might inspire someone else to follow in your footsteps.

5. You Can Win! Losing weight is hard. But setting a goal and a working to achieve it is confidence building. Losing those pounds can give you the confidence you need to succeed in all the areas of your life. You’ll learn you are a winner and that’s a very good thing.

And, one thing every winner knows is that reaching out for support can help you succeed. Whether you are so overweight that it is a negative factor in your life – or if you just need to lose that last 10 or 20 pounds – get started. You can find diet groups online or at the local shopping center. One of the best ways to lose is with the personalized help you can get at a medical weight loss center. For 10 pounds or 100 pounds, they’ll create a plan that works for you and your lifestyle. You’ll lose the weight under the supervision of medical doctor who is a weight loss specialist. They can give you all the help you need to reach that weight-loss goal!