4 Reasons to Visit a Medical Spa Right Now

Reasons to Visit a Medical Spa Right Now

Timing is everything! Every woman knows that is true. So, get your timing right. Here are 4 services you’ll find at a medical spa that will have you looking hot – really hot – when the weather warms up. Feel your best – look your best. Find the services you need — delivered safely and professionally, under medical supervision. Here are 4 that are right for right now.

1. Laser Hair Removal. You’re going to be showing more skin. There are those short shorts and the bathing suit. There are flirty sundresses and mini-skirts. You want them all – but you don’t want the red bumps or the I-need-to-shave-again feelings. Start laser hair removal treatments now. They take several visits to completely remove all the hair – permanently — from the areas you choose. Your hairs grow in different phases so plan on four to six sessions to get the permanent results you want. When you undergo the treatment, you’ll feel a slight stinging and red bumps may appear after the procedure. These red bumps are a good thing – a sign that the hair follicle has been treated and will not regrow.

2. Facial Peels. You want your complexion to be glowing. Chemical peels show results with just a single treatment – but, once you see those results, you may want to schedule another peel. Peels come in various strengths to handle everything from fine lines to acne scarring, uneven skin tone to deeper lines. Downtime is minimal in all peels but get them done so you’re ready for summer. Don’t forget the sun block!

3. Weight Loss. If you’ve got a stubborn 10 or, even, 20 pounds to lose, don’t give up – get help! Work with a professional staff and weight-loss MD to find a plan that will help you shed those pounds. Quick loss starts will give you the encouragement you need and have you looking super for summer. You’ll lose under the supervision of a weight loss doctor with a personalized plan.

4. Body Sculpting. Did you know that there are new non-invasive procedures to help you address those tough spots and sculpt your body to the shape you’ve always wanted? CoolSculpting uses cold to melt away fat cells. You’ll start seeing results about 3 weeks after a treatment but your body will continue to shed fat cells in the treated area for 4 months or longer. More than one treatment means more fat cell will be lost so get an early start to shape your body for summer.

Don’t go through another summer wishing you’d taken care of some problem areas; take action. Whether you want smooth legs or laser treatment for your bikini area, it can happen. You can lose those last pesky pounds and sculpt away problem areas. Be ready for summer. Talk to the professional staff at a medical spa now and discuss the procedures that are going to make you feel more beautiful than ever.