3 Common Excuses for Not Exercising and How HYPOXI Overcomes Them

Common Excuses for Not Exercising and How HYPOXI Overcomes Them

Forget these three excuses because now you can take part in HYPOXI training. Australia loves it – along with many European countries. This system of exercise and weight reduction has proven itself worldwide. Now, it’s in the USA and it’s the answer you’re been hoping to find.

1. I can’t Do High-Impact Exercise. There are many reasons that high-impact exercise doesn’t work for everyone. It may be too hard on your knees or ankles. It could be that you are concerned about injury or recovering from one. Low-impact exercise lets you stay healthy and fit without the worry that comes with high-impact exercise. HYPOXI is based on low-impact workouts and vacuum and compression technology that gives you targeted results up to 3 times faster. You’re going to find it both effective and enjoyable. Plus, it’s worry free!

2. I don’t have Time to Exercise. Face it – going to the gym usually means working out for an hour or more. It’s hard to fit gym time into a busy day and even harder to meet a regular schedule of gym exercise. HYPOXI-Training workouts are only 30 minute sessions. The scientifically proven use of vacuum technology and compression technology draws more blood to the areas where you want to reduce body fat. You can lose inches in as little as 4 weeks. HYPOXI gives you an effective, low-impact workout in a timeframe that works for you. It both shapes your body and gives you an exercise schedule that fits your busy life.

3. I can’t Lose Weight Where I Want to Lose Weight. HYPOXI is designed to help you reduce in those problem areas – your stomach, hips, thighs and bottom. It actually helps you shape your body – naturally. Think of it as combining weight loss and body sculpting without lasers, needles or surgery. It works if you just want to tone up and tune up, if you want to reclaim your shape or if you are trying to lose weight. You will finally see the results you want – where you want to see them.

If you’ve been using one of these excuses to avoid the gym, forget them. Call your HYPOXI studio and ask for a free introductory visit. You’re going to see that HYPOXI is the place you’ve been hoping to find. It’s gentle exercise that works — reduction in the problem areas that you didn’t think would budge. You can sculpt your body. You’ll feel energized, happy – and you’ll look great.