Be Aware of These 5 Diet Busters

Be Aware of These 5 Diet Busters

When you know you’re in a danger zone, you’re more careful. So, watch out for these 5 times when your diet may be in jeopardy.

1. Lack of Sleep. It’s a proven fact that when you don’t sleep well, you are more likely to consume more calories and gain weight. We can’t always get a good night’s rest. Sometimes, it’s a sick child or a work project that just won’t let you rest. Try to plan for the best possible sleep patterns when you are dieting. If you have nights when you don’t sleep and days when you’re really feeling sleep deprived, be extra careful about sticking to your diet.

2. Weekends. We all look forward to the weekends. They’re a timeout from our busy lives. Don’t let them be a timeout for your diet. Going out with friends? Limit your alcoholic intake. Remember, tonic water has sugar; seltzer doesn’t. Seltzer water with a squeeze of lemon or lime is a good choice with or without the vodka. Eating out? Check out the restaurant menu online before you go so you can find that low calorie dish. Know what the weekend has in store and plan on how you will stick with your diet.

3. Get a Good Start. Your morning is going to set the mood for your day so get off to a good start. Exercise! Take a morning jog or walk. Not possible? Do some stretching and jogging in place to start the day. Don’t leave the house on empty. Have a healthy, low calorie breakfast – whether it’s a green smoothie or a small bowl of oatmeal with some blueberries and walnuts on top. Get a healthy start and it will encourage you all day long.

4. Prepare before you Leave Home. If you know you’re going to want a snack at work or you’re going to be tempted by the smell from the hamburger and fries joint next door at lunchtime, pack it up. Bring a healthy snack – or lunch – and be ready to overcome the pitfalls that might bring you and your diet down otherwise.

5. Don’t be too Forgiving. When you’re dieting, you may make mistakes. We all do. It’s giving into a temptation or simply overindulging. It happens and you don’t want to beat yourself up, but you do need to hold yourself accountable. Being accountable for both your successes and your failures are a necessary part of losing weight.

Do each of these situations sound like a place where you tried and failed? If you have found you can’t do it on your own, get help. Join a diet program. One of the proven best ways to lose is to go to a medical weight loss center. Your diet will be personalized to meet your needs – whether it’s prepackaged meals or a fast start to show you that the pounds can come off! Medical weight loss centers are headed by medical personnel including a doctor who is a trained weight loss expert. They’ll help you face all the trouble spots along the way so you can finally reach your goal weight!