A Guide of What to Wear with 5 Dress Codes for Men

Guide of What to Wear with 5 Dress Codes for Men

What to wear? When the invitations start coming – weddings, holiday parties, the annual office bash, are you ready or are you confused? Here are the 5 most common dress codes for men to get you going in style!

1. Formal and Semi-Formal Dress: Is it a white-tie or a black-tie affair? Either way, you’re probably going to have to visit your favorite formal attire rental shop first so know the difference. White tie is the most formal dress. It requires a tailcoat and vest during the daytime and a white tie at night with your full formal attire. Black tie is also known as semi-formal, but unless you own a tuxedo, you’re still headed to the rental shop. It’s tuxedo by night and a “stroller” by day. The stroller is often overlooked but a daytime tuxedo is incorrect. Unless you have a tux hanging in your closet, plan on renting these high-fashion looks.

2. Business Dress: Break out your matched suit. You might want to wear the more formal, dark-colored or pinstripe as it’s best to err on the side of being a little more formal than a little less. Go with the white shirt and black leather oxfords. Keep the tie conservative. Even though you’re dressed for success and likely to stand out in the crowd with this winning look.

3. Business Casual: This one is not an invitation to jump into your most comfortable, worn pair blue jeans (actually, save those for the weekend). Business casual means you should still use a jacket but not a matched suit. Your blazer or sports coat is perfect for this occasion. And, the tie, while more optional, probably should be worn. There is flexibility here – you could go with a sweater or, even, just a shirt, but know your event. It’s better to wear the tie and wear the jacket and take them off if you feel overdressed than to arrive looking too casual for the business (or party) at hand.

4. Casual: Nope, your favorite old jeans still aren’t welcome, but if you know what the expectations are you may be able to wear a pair of fitted, dark jeans. Your khakis are good. No necktie, but think a collared shirt. Your hosts are saying come relaxed and have fun – but, you’ll still want to look like you made an effort dressing for their event. You could even wear a casual jacket even you want, but it’s not necessary.

5. Optional: You’ll see this most often as “black tie optional”. What does it mean? It tells you that the host and hostess will be in black tie attire, but the guests don’t need to be that formal. Your hosts may be trying to make the event easier for their friends and family. Never overdress – white tie is out! But, then decide how formal you want to be – remember if it’s “black tie optional”, it is still a formal event and dress accordingly.

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