4 Times It Pays to Have a Pro on Your Side

Times It Pays to Have a Pro on Your Side

Part of being successful is knowing when you need help. There are times when getting help is an act of strength. Here are 4 situations where getting professional help and advice may help you reach the goal.

1. You Are Getting Divorced; You Need A Lawyer. Of course, there are divorces where the two people can agree on everything – how to divide assets, custody and child support arrangements if children are involved and all the other hard issues. However, unless you have 100% agreement in a legal document, you may be better off with a lawyer. This is especially true if your spouse has hired a lawyer. You want to have your rights protected and that takes an attorney who understands the laws of your state and what you need for a secure future. Going it alone could cost you.

2. You Are Depressed; You Need Medical Help. Depression is a treatable disease. Get the help you need. Start with your primary or general practitioner. Be honest. Discuss what you are feeling and experiencing truthfully. Depression is treated by talk therapy and medicine. It is common to have a combination of both, especially at the beginning of treatment. Your doctor can help you find the therapist or specialist you need to control your depression. Don’t try to handle depression by yourself when medical help can give you back your smile.

3. You’re Starting A Business; You Need Two Professionals. The statistics are frightening. Bloomberg says 80% of new businesses will fail. Forbes raises that number to 9 out of 10. If you’re betting your future on the success of a business you are going to start, you want two professionals on your side. The first is an attorney to help you decide on the structure of your business, meet all licensing and regulation requirements and advise you on potential legal matters like protecting intellectual property. Next, you want an accountant to help you minimize your tax burden, maximize your profit and set up good accounting practices. Doing the groundwork with the help of professionals may help you be one of the new businesses that succeed.

4. You Are Significantly Overweight; Get Healthy With Help. Being overweight impacts your health in numerous ways. It makes it more difficult to sleep. It can keep you from getting the exercise you need. The extra weight you carry may contribute to joint pain. Being obese or significantly overweight increases your risk of serious health problems like Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and more. Don’t wait; don’t continue to try and fail at losing the pounds. Talk to a bariatric doctor or make an appointment at a medical weight loss clinic that is run by a bariatric doctor. A medical weight loss clinic not only has that weight-loss specialist; it has a supportive staff who can counsel you and help you stay on track to a slimmer, healthier new you.

Be smart – when you need help, go get it. Whether it’s an attorney who specializes in business start-ups or one that is an experienced divorce attorney – a doctor or an accountant – there are proven professionals waiting to help you. A medical weight loss clinic has an entire staff dedicated to bringing success to their clients. Proven professionals are waiting to help. Get courageous — never be afraid to ask for help.