5 Tips for Looking Your Holiday Best When You’re Dieting

Tips for Looking Your Holiday Best When You’re Dieting

You’re proud of the weight you’ve lost – even if you still have more to lose. But, how do you get through the Holidays looking your best? Do you go shopping? What do you buy? Here are 5 helpful tips to get you through the season looking great!

1. Buy Basic. If you’re going to keep losing weight, don’t blow the budget now. Think about adding basics that can be mixed and matched. A great fitting pair of black pants can be dressed up or down – and, they’ll show off the new, thinner you. If needed, buy two pairs – one in a fabric suited for evening wear and one ready for daytime wear. Buy a pretty top that looks great now and will look just as good when you add a belt to show off your continued weight loss. Don’t fill your closet with more clothes that are just going to be too big in a few months. Stick to classics that will do double-duty for you as you continue to diet.

2. Look at What You Have. Check the back of the closet. You may find something you loved too much to give away when you “outgrew” it. It may fit perfectly today. Jackets and sweaters can often get through as much as a 20-pound weight loss and still look good – depending on their style. So, try them on with a critical eye. Of course, your favorite scarves are a real plus – use them to add color and pizazz throughout the Holidays.

3. Pick Patterns. It’s time to celebrate the weight you’ve lost. Forget the drab solids you wore to hide your weight. Go bright! Pick a pattern. You’ve worked hard so show off a little. Sparkly tops are a great Holiday staple, but you’ll get more wear out of one that uses sparkle and sequins as an accent instead of going glittery all over.

4. Bring on the Bling. It you’re limiting your shopping to the basics, break out the jewelry box and use statement pieces to enhance your outfits. Jewelry is one size fits all so put on those necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Use them to transform outfits from daytime to nighttime wear. A word of warning – be careful with your rings if your fingers have gotten smaller. You don’t want to lose one before you take it to be resized.

5. Be Brave. Step out of your box! One of the hardest things about losing weight is changing the way you feel about your self-image. Look in the mirror and really see the new you. Don’t be afraid to try trendy new looks or fitted blouses. You may be able to wear a style you never would have considered before so enjoy your shopping trip by trying on something you thought was impossible – it may be just right for you now.

If you think about dressing up for the holidays, but are stuck wishing you had lost weight in the passing year, don’t give up. If it just didn’t happen or you’ve lost some weight and now the scales are stuck in the same place – get help. You don’t want to lose weight just so you can fit in a smaller size. You want to lose weight because it will make you healthier and let you enjoy being more active. Consider starting the New Year with a new diet from a medical weight loss center. They are prepared to give you the support you need to make weight loss a reality. They can get you off to a quick start with a rapid weight loss that will encourage you and they’ll tailor a plan that fits you and your lifestyle so you not only reach your goal – you stay there. It will be a great way to start the New Year.