5 Things to Do for Fall in a Hot Weather Climate

Things to Do for Fall in a Hot Weather Climate

Living in the desert or another warm weather climate means you don’t have to come inside – you can enjoy your outdoor spaces all year long. Here are 5 things to do to bring fall into your property and get ready to enjoy all that warm winter weather.

1. Bring The Harvest To Your Home. We’re not talking scary Halloween pumpkins – we’re talking the beauty of the different colors, shapes and sizes of pumpkins and gourds. Stack them along the path to your front door. Use them to fill a wheelbarrow and set it out front. Pile them by the front door. Don’t forget the potted mums. Pots of beautiful blooming mums are the perfect accompaniment to your beautiful pumpkin arrangement. You have a welcoming celebration of the season that will last until you’re ready to put out the Christmas lights!

2. Add Your Own Fall Color. Take a trip to the high country or to your local craft store. Nothing says falls like the bright colors of leaves that are tuning color. Make (or buy) a wreath of brightly color leaves or a garland that can outline your front door. You can fashion a fun and fabulous front door wreath by gluing dried corn on the cob on a Styrofoam wreath. Even if you don’t have a single tree that’s changing color and your yard is full of cactus, you’ll still love having fall color all your own.

3. Get Busy and Hardscape. If you’re been wanting to add a hardscape, now is the time. Whether it’s an outdoor kitchen, a new path, a covered gathering area or just expanding your porch area with pavers, now is the time. First, it’s easier to work now that the temperatures are cool. Second – and more importantly – it gives you the opportunity to plant trees and shrubs so they can take root throughout the winter and be established when Spring comes around.

4. Don’t Forget The Fire Pit. You’re lucky to live where outdoors is a year-round place to be. But, there are going to be those chilly evenings. Think about roasting marshmallows around your own warm, flickering fire. You’ll find all the materials you need at your local hardscaping to do it yourself and great plans online or bring in an experienced contractor and design a whole seating area around a fire pit.

5. Don’t Forget The Light! With the sun setting earlier, you want to light up your home. If you’re adding a new hardscaped area, make sure you have a pro run electrical lines and plugs for you. Think about serving Thanksgiving dinner on a new hardscaped eating area that’s lit by strings of beautiful lights and warmed by that fire pit – that’s something to be thankful for!

Fall is more fun when you can go outside in your shirt sleeves! It makes it a great time to celebrate the season with fall color and an even better time to think about adding more fun spaces to your own outdoor space. Visit a local landscaping and hardscaping materials dealer and look at all the wonderful options. Whether you do it yourself or hire it done, making more of the outdoors is a beautiful idea.