5 Things to Consider if Your Doctor Says You Need to Lose Weight

Things to Consider if Your Doctor Says You Need to Lose Weight

You go in for a regular appointment and the doctor sits you down and say you need to lose weight. Sometimes, that’s it – no suggestions, just a call for you to figure out how to diet. Now what? Here are 5 things to consider.

1. Don’t Take Offense. If you’ve noticed the scales rising, so has the doctor. If you know your health is starting to be impacted, so do you. It’s hard, but don’t put up any defensive barriers. Not every doctor can or will give you weight loss advice. Take it as a warning and know that weight loss is something you have to take seriously.

2. Why Did the Doctor Say That? You may think that you’re not that overweight so why did the doctor bring it up? Your doctor is well aware of all the health risks that come with being overweight. Maybe, he or she recognizes that you are already in trouble – or, maybe, the doc just wants to stop the weight gain before it gets too high. Obesity brings health risks of diabetes, arthritis, heart disease including high blood pressure and, even, cancer. Don’t take being overweight too lightly.

3. What If Your Doctor Doesn’t Bring It Up? That’s the other side of the coin. You’re hoping that the doctor will address the number on the scale and not a word was said. If you are concerned that your weight is impacting your health, bring up the subject yourself. If you have conditions that you think might be caused by weight, ask those questions. For example, would losing weight lessen the pain in your knees.

4. Check Out Your Options. The doctor talked about it and now you’re ready to go. Think about past successes and failures. Do you know a diet plan that has worked for you? Think about groups – whether they meet in person or on the Internet. Also, consider a medical weight loss spa where a bariatric doctor (one who specializes in weight-related disease and weight loss) to help you shed the pounds.

5. What About Medications? There are weight loss medications and they can help. Some will give you a quick start – a great motivator – and others will help you shed pounds. You should check with your doctor first and make sure that you have an OK to seek weight loss medications, but don’t rule them out. They may be that extra helping hand you need

Weight loss is not easy. You’ll want not just help to get the pounds off; you’re going to need support. Whether it’s a group or the professional staff at a medical weight loss clinic (they’ve seen it all), you’re going to want that encouragement when you hit a plateau or over-indulge. Get the help you need and get going on losing weight to become a healthier you!