4 Ways to Address Problem Areas

Hypoxi Ways to Address Problem Areas

You know that fat around the middle is the most harmful. Your thighs may not be causing you a health problem, but they’re keeping you out of shorts. And, sir, when was the last time you really thought of those bulges as “love” handles and not something you hate? Here are 4 ways to address the problem areas.

Diet. Controlling your weight starts with eating properly. Jillian Michaels recommends smaller meals and a “cleaner diet” with high-quality proteins, fruits and veggies plus complex-carbohydrates. Dr. Oz says monounsaturated fatty acids (think nuts and avocados) may be belly-busting. There is no doubt that if you are overweight all over, it’s definitely going to be harder to lose a problem area. Talk to a nutritionist or your doctor and take a long hard look at what you’re eating.

Exercise. Exercise is a key to weight loss. We’re talking cardio including running, stair climbing or brisk walking. We’re talking interval training where you really push to a high intensity. We’re talking regular, hard work. Not easy. Now, add the exercises you need not to lose weight but to make your problem areas look trimmer. Think crunches. Even though they won’t remove the fat under they make you look more fit. Wall squats and plie squats may help the thighs look better.

Procedures. There are procedures that will reduce those problem areas. The most widely known is probably liposuction. The advantage is that you get a result – that while it may take some time for the complete reduction – gives you an immediate reduction. It also removes the fat cells completely. They’re not waiting to get fat again. The cons are those of any surgery. It can be painful and there can be complications. You will have to undergo a general anesthetic. It may take more than a single treatment and if you don’t follow up with a healthy diet and exercise, the remaining fat cells may undo your results. Another, newer procedure is cool sculpting which uses cold to reduce fat cells. It has been proven that extreme cold kills the cells. It is a bit uncomfortable and will take a series of treatments with results showing up over time.

HYPOXI. It’s relatively new to the United States but well known and respected worldwide, especially Australia – and we all know how much time they spend on the beach! The science behind this training method is that fat is best burned in areas where there is the best circulation – problem areas often lack this blood flow. Using advanced vacuum and compression techniques on the areas you want to reduce and low impact exercise (think cycling), HYPOXI results in fat loss that is up to 3x more than just exercise alone – and it does it in specified areas to sculpt your body. If you are doing HYPOXI three times a week, you can start seeing results after the second week. Because it combines low impact exercise and the compression technology, it is ideal for those who can’t do high-impact, high-energy exercises. The results are scientifically proven.

We are all built the way we are built – and that means your problem areas are part of you. It makes changing them more difficult. Overall weight loss may not do the trick on its own. Consider the pros and cons of all your options. Ask to see before and after photos of actual clients and any scientific studies that have been done. Educate yourself. You may decide to go it alone with diet, exercise and specific exercises for your problem area. Or, you may decide on a medical procedure. The “new” HYPOXI method gives you an additional choice that is low-impact and all natural.