5 Reasons to Use a Family Dentist

Reasons to Use a Family Dentist

Looking for a dentist? Think about finding an office that’s right for the whole family! Here are 5 good reasons why choosing a dentist for everyone – at one place – is a great idea!

1. No One Will Outgrow The Dentist. Sometimes it’s a struggle to get children comfortable at a dentist’s office. All that “open wide” and strange tools – they can be frightening. Don’t put yourself in a position that when your child is completely comfortable, they outgrow the dentist. You want an office that can give you a lifetime of care. Think about a family dental office.

2. Your Dentist Will Know The Whole Family. That puts the dentist in a unique position to give each person the care they need. Understanding the dynamics of the family can help the dentist sooth fears and discuss treatment options while he gives each family member individual care.

3. Your Records Are In One Place. A dental history is a record of dental health. It is an invaluable resource for the dentist. It helps made diagnoses. It can track how a problem develops or if a problem is healing. From the patient’s point of view, it means you don’t have to run back and forth delivering or requesting X-rays or records to bring from one dental professional to another.

4. Preventative Care. If a dentist knows you and your mouth, it is obviously easier for the dentist to provide appropriate preventative care. A family member with a developing problem may need to come in more frequently than the great-flosser without a cavity in their mouth. A family dentist will know who’s who and what’s what. That can save you from expensive and painful procedures in the future.

5. The Dentist Will Work With You And Your Insurance. This is another big plus. Maybe one procedure can be delayed until the new year and a re-start of your dental insurance. Conversely, maybe a procedure can be moved up to a before-the-end-of-the-year appointment so you maximize the use of your dental insurance. Working with a dentist and a staff who knows you, your mouth and your insurance can be a big plus.

More isn’t always better. When it comes to selecting your dentist, choosing a full-service, family dentist is the first step in building a great relationship and excellent care for the entire family.