5 Steps to Take if You Have a Broken Window

Steps to Take if You Have a Broken Window

A broken window is never any fun, but it is especially problematic if it’s broken as the result of a storm. Here are 5 steps to take.

1. Take a Photo. We know that may sound crazy if the wind and rain are howling in, but it may be something you need for your insurance carrier. You have that cell phone handy so take a photo of the damage. If you’re busy trying to get ready for a quick fix, have someone else take it, but get it just in case. You’re going to want to take more photos after you get the situation under control. These photos should show what you’ve had to do to protect the home.

2. It’s Just a Crack. OK, if it’s only a crack you may want to wait until morning or a more convenient time to call for window repair. Use duct tape or clear packing tape to secure the window by placing it along the crack. Gentle is the word! You don’t want to apply too much pressure and end up pushing the pane out – or, worse cutting yourself. If the crack is a big one and the window seems unstable go to step 4.

3. It’s Missing a Piece Of Glass or Shattered. Start by making it safe. If the broken glass has fallen into the house, be sure that all kids and pets have been removed from the area.Get a pair of heavy gloves and protective eyewear. Now, put down a tarp to collect the broken glass that’s on the ground. Next, remove all the loose glass that is still in the frame. You will probably be able to remove the shards of glass one at a time. You want to get all the dangerous glass out.

4. Think Garbage Bag. If you don’t have the skill or the materials to board up the window – and who does? – it’s time to head to the garbage. The garbage bag that is. If you have a larger, thicker piece of plastic, use it. However, if you don’t have anything, but to a large garbage bag and firmly tape it to the frame. Do this even if you have a double pane window and only one pane is broken – it will add stability. If it’s cold, you may want to hang a heavy quilt over the window – bubble wrap works, too.

5. Call For Help. First if you have a breakage that is more than you can handle, call for help right away – even in the middle of a storm. Many licensed window replacement companies offer boarding up service, 24/7. If you can get by until the next day, you still have calls to make. If your windows have a warranty against breakage, call the person you bought them from and ask them how to proceed. If your windows aren’t under warranty, but they were broken in a manner that may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance, call your agent.

Maybe that broken window needs a complete replacement – or maybe it’s a wakeup call that says the time has come to replace all your old windows. When you call a window replacement company, call one that has emergency service, is licensed and bonded and has a great track record of satisfied customers. You want to find a contractor that offers you quality windows and quality replacement – and any help you may need in the future.