4 Ways to Think Differently about Dieting

Ways to Think Differently about Dieting

Forget some of the diet advice you’ve always thought was true. Here are 4 ways to look at dieting differently and they may help you succeed.

1. Doublethink! You’ve been told to visualize all the good things about losing weight – how you’ll look in that little black dress, the extra energy you’ll have and on and on. However, you may be better off to visualize not just success. Try this instead. Add visualization of the most difficult things you’ll face. You may visualize those donuts in the breakroom and how tempting they are. Or, how you just can’t give up that Friday night girls’ night out where anything on the menu goes and calorie-laden drinks flow. Now, put the two visualizations together. A study showed that those with the most negative visualizations actually lost more. Possibly this is because those who only visualize success aren’t ready to overcome the setbacks that will inevitably arise.

2. Pick a Role Model. Once again, don’t just be positive. There are two types of role models – preventional and promotional. The preventional model is the negative one; this role model fails. It’s not hard to find a photo of someone whose weight-loss was touted only to have them regain the weight. For dieters whose focus is on not failing, this negative role model may be the best motivator. On the other hand, dieters who just want to look better may do better with the promotional model – but it has to be someone they can realistically emulate. For example, a person who lost 20 or 40 pounds and kept it off is a good promotional model.

3. Not Just One Goal. If you have goal to lose a lot of weight, it’s easy to get discouraged. Break your goal into smaller “bites.” For example, set a goal to go to the gym twice a week (name the days if that works better for you). Another might be to have a salad for lunch every day or switching from sugar soda to diet soda.

4. Regret Can Be a Good Thing. Try focusing on regret. When you can think of a whole bunch of reasons why you should have that piece of cake – after all you don’t want to make the birthday girl feel bad – or why you just can’t make the gym this week, don’t focus on the excuses. Instead, focus on the regrets. You’ll going to wish you had made it to the gym. You’re going to feel less positive after you eat the cake.

These are some different ideas about dieting, but the bottom line remains the same – you have to find the motivation to get started and stick with it. If you don’t think you can go it alone – don’t! Get the help and motivation you need. A medical weight loss spa offers you the supervision of a medical doctor who is a diet expert. They will tailor a diet to your needs and can give you the motivation of a fast start. You’ll get all the help you need to take it off and keep it off. It’s a great way to use your power and their power to create success.