6 Tips to Clean a Really, Really Overloaded Garage

Tips to Clean a Really, Really Overloaded Garage

It’s overwhelming. You have to go out the garage and find something. Or, maybe you just have to walk through the garage to take out the garbage. If your garage is totally out of hand, here are 6 tips to get it back in shape.

1. It’s Not A One-Day Job. In fact, it’s not even a weekend job. When you think about getting that whole, huge space cleaned and organized, you may be defeated before you even start. Take your time. Do one space at a time. Mentally dividing the garage in to 4 or 5 spaces will make the job easier. Take a one step (one area) at a time view and get started.

2. Play 007. Go on a reconnaissance. In this case, your game of “I spy” should include identifying what’s in the garage. Is there that huge recliner that you meant to call a charity to remove? If it’s big and bulky and you don’t want it, put it at the top of your list (yup, you’re making a list) of things to donate or trash. It’s still in good shape? Take a photo and go inside and put it on Craig’s list. When you’ve completed your mission you should have an idea of what is actually in the garage, what to trash, what to donate and what to organize.

3. Plan Your Partners. OK, you may wish the kids and spouse would help, but that’s not who we’re taking about. We’re talking about a list of resources. What charity do you choose to donate items? Do they pick up? Do you need to buy more trash containers? What about a roll-off if you’re going to be throwing out a whole lot of stuff? Is there a consignment shop where you want to take some of the better stuff you no longer need like a bin of coats and clothing the children outgrew? Knowing what you will do with the things you want to get rid will streamline your work.

4. Plan A Day Or A Weekend. It’s time to roll up your sleeves. Don’t plan on trying to clean the whole garage. Pick an area. Maybe start with the clutter by the door into the home. Is it stuff you need and is it convenient? Or, is it the stuff you set in the garage because you either wanted to get rid of it or you wanted to store it, but ended up just adding to a pile. Cleaning one area is like losing the first 10 pounds when you’re on a diet. You can see a difference and you’re inspired to keep going.

5. Invest In Storage. It’s worth the price. There are overhead storage racks, bike racks, shelves, wall-mounted cabinets, mesh baskets for balls and spots gear and locked cabinets that are a great idea for safe storage of things like antifreeze, motor oil, pesticides – anything that could harm a child or pet if ingested.

5. Keep Going And Keep It Up. Move through the garage area by area until one day you realize you’re at the finish line. You know where the Halloween skeleton is and you can get to all the Christmas decorations. You can stroll through your garage and enjoy the way it looks. Now, keep it up. Make it a family rule that when something is put away in the garage, it’s put away right. Enjoy all the new space – maybe there’s even room for your car!

There’s one more important thing to take care of in your garage. If you haven’t had your yearly garage door checkup and maintenance, call a licensed garage door company and get it done. You want that heavy garage door to open and close with ease and to keep all your newly organized stuff – and your family – safe. Regular maintenance means you know your garage door will last longer and do its job right!