4 Suggestions about When to Eat to Lose Weight

Suggestions about When to Eat to Lose Weight

What will help you lose weight? Should you eat in the morning – at night? There are many different ideas. Here are 4 of them – and who they work best for.

1. 3 Squares a Day. Or, maybe not too square. Eating 3 meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner – works as long as you cut calories at the meals. However, try for 30 grams of protein at each meal to protect your muscle mass as you lose. Remember, you have to cut calories, but if you have a fixed schedule that lets you eat only at traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner times, this may be a plan to consider.

2. 4 or 5 Small Meals/Snacks. The vending machine calls to you. The cookie jar at home knows your name. You love to snack. Make it part of your diet. Make your 3 meals smaller and add two snacks to the day. Multiple meals and two “mini meals” will help you stay satisfied. This one is especially good for people who have reactive hypoglycemia (low sugar after eating) as it helps prevent these dips. You need some willpower to do this – decide on your meals and your snacks before you start the day so that vending machine or cookie jar doesn’t say come eat some more calories. Snacks should be healthy and low calorie.

3. Go Vegan – for the day. If you eat only fruit, veggies, whole grains and legumes during the day, you’re going to lower your calorie intake before you sit down to a non-vegan dinner. You are restricting your calorie intake because vegan choices are usually low-calorie so you can eat a reasonable dinner and still cut down on calories. This one works for people who can get through the day and stay vegan because they’re looking forward to their favorite dinner!

4. Set A Stop Time. No, it’s not a magic formula. There’s no magic fat-burning hour. Simply, if you establish a time – say 8 p.m. – to quit eating you are putting the kibosh on those sneaky calories – the cookie you grab when you get the child another glass of water. The mindless snacking that goes on when you’re watching your favorite thriller. To make this work, make sure you include both protein and fiber in your dinner so you can get to bedtime without feeling hungry. This one is good for nibblers who add lots of calories to their day with after-dinner snacking.

All of these plans can help you reduce calories to maintain your current weight or take off a few pounds. If you are really overweight, you probably need more. One of the best incentives to take off pounds is rapid weight loss when you start dieting. Talk to your local medical weight reduction center. They have plans to give you that quick start and, then, keep the pounds coming off. Hit your goal weight and then with the medical weight loss center’s help or one of these tricks, keep those plans off.