5 Things that Should Not Stop You from Divorcing

Things that Should Not Stop You from Divorcing

You want a divorce. You are unhappy, but you haven’t take the steps to start divorce proceedings. Here are 5 reasons that should NOT keep you from seeking a divorce when your marriage can’t be fixed.

Abuse: If you’re afraid to leave because you are being abused physically or emotionally, seek the help you need immediately. If you don’t know what the resources are in your community, find out. If you are afraid your computer use is being monitored, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (1-800-799-SAFE). Put your safety and the safety of your children first. There are resources from women’s shelters to family or friends to help you end the marriage. Don’t allow yourself to be abused. Seek help.

Children: Children are smarter than you think. They are probably very much aware if their parents’ marriage is an unhappy one. Ask yourself – is it better to have your children raised by two separate, but loving parents or be raised in a loveless marriage? Are you teaching your children the wrong things about love? Remember, before or after a divorce, don’t bad mouth your spouse. Treat your children’s “other” parent with respect when you are dealing with the kids.

The Lesser Evil: If you’re staying in a marriage just because you think it’s easier than have to start over, you are committing to what could be a lifetime of unhappiness. That’s not fair to you or your spouse. Divorce isn’t easy. But, it’s a beginning as well as an ending. It may not be easy, but a fresh start could lead to a happier life.

It’s Cheaper: Yep, divorce means going it on your own and two households cost more than a single household, but what price can you put on happiness. Take necessary steps. Get credit in your own name. Work out a budget based on your needs – not wishes. Know what property and assets you and your partner have. Be ready with a full financial picture and then call a divorce lawyer.

What Will Others Think? Again, divorce isn’t easy and quite possibly some of your friends will fall away. Your family may be distressed. However, if you know your marriage is over, you can’t let worrying about what others might think stop you from seeking happiness in your future.

One of the key ingredients in a “successful” divorce is a good divorce lawyer. If you’re considering divorce, make an appointment. Most divorce lawyers will off a free first visit. Discuss your concerns with the attorney. A good divorce lawyer won’t just know the divorce laws in your state, he or she will also know how to connect you to needed resources and how to protect your interests during the divorce. An experienced divorce attorney will help you establish a new foundation for a happy life!