5 Makeup Tips to Use to Look Younger as You Age

Makeup Tips to Use to Look Younger as You Age

You can’t stop the clock, but you can make sure that when you put your makeup on you’re doing everything you can to make yourself look fresh and young. Here are 5 tips to follow.

1. Warm It Up. You’ve been told to match your foundation to your skin color, but as you age, you skin becomes more pallid. Matching your skin color may make you look pasty. Warm yourself up. Try one shade darker than the matchy-matchy shade. A warmer color will also counteract ruddiness. You’ll look fresher. If you think a whole shade darker is too dark, mix your current shade with the next darkest shade on the back of your hand and then apply.

2. Go Natural. Especially where your eyebrows are concerned. Your eyebrows tend to get sparser as you age. You’re going to need to define them, but use a light hand – and the right too, an eyebrow pencil. If you use a pencil that is too soft, you’re going to end up with a heavy, drawn-on look that is worse than the sparse look. Eyebrow pencils are harder and create a more natural look.

3. Sage Is Safe. If your favorite eyeshadow is bone or brown, it’s time for a change. Both have yellow and/or red pigments in them. Rather than giving you the fresh look you want, they make you look tired. Go with sage. It cancels out the red and the yellow tones in your skin to make the white of your eyes look whites. Plus, it’s dark enough to cover discolorations. Go with a powder. Cream eyeshadow is likely to run into and accent the creases that come with age.

4. Change It Up. Don’t be afraid to try a new look. If you’ve always worn a light lipstick, go red – just keep it sheer. If you’ve always chosen red, think pink. And, think about your hairstyle. If you’ve been stuck with one style for way too long, try a new cut. Don’t get stuck in a rut – create a different you from time to time.

5. Lash Out. Your eyelashes – like your eyebrows – get sparser as you age. Plump them up with a really good mascara and don’t forget the eyelash curler. Makeup artists say that if you have to choose between mascara, eyeshadow or other eye makeup – choose mascara.

If you’re on the other side of one of those important birthdays, don’t be afraid to take advantage of all the new beauty aids and treatments. A laser treatment can even your complexion and get rid of fine lines. When mascara isn’t enough, you can flaunt eyelash extensions that will make even those younger women jealous – and still look natural. Just make sure you turn to a professional for these treatments whether it’s a dermatologist or an eyelash extension spa. Don’t let your age define you – take off those years! You can do it.