5 Ways to Take Care of Your Teeth When You Have Braces

Ways to Take Care of Your Teeth When You Have Braces

When braces go on, taking care of the teeth is more difficult – and more important. Here are 5 tips so when those braces come off you have healthy teeth!

1. Brushing. Food can get stuck between your teeth and the braces. And, that causes plaque – which can lead to dental problems and decay. That means that teeth need to be brushed after every meal – and every snack. Use a soft brush. Parents – you know your child’s dental hygiene habits and if they weren’t great before the braces, make sure you encourage better habits once those braces go on.

2. Flossing. It’s another important habit and more important than ever now that you are wearing braces. Thread the floss between the tooth and the wire on the braces and work back and forth slowly to remove any food particles. Go easy – too much force and you could damage the braces.

3. Give Up Sticky, Chewy And Hard. There are foods that are simply hard on braces. They are going to get stuck and can even lead to damaging the braces. Hard foods can lodge in the braces and cause breakage when you take the next bite. And, if you bite your fingernails or chew on your pen, now is the time to stop because those habits can damage your braces, too.

4. Protect Them. If you’re an athlete, get a mouth guard. Your moth is more vulnerable than ever with those braces. It’s best to have your dentist make a custom guard for both your upper and lower teeth. Put in the mouth guard and get in the game!

5. See Your Dentist – or your orthodontist – regularly. It’s important that you stay on track with the plan to straighten your teeth so don’t miss appointments. If a wire or bracket comes loose or if you break a wire, call for an appointment right away. Remember, you’re a partner with your provider in creating your new, beautiful smile.

It’s amazing what braces can do for a smile – and a child’s confidence. Just remember that it also takes a commitment to good dental hygiene. You want your child to become an active part of the process so stress brushing and flossing and talk about what your child should and should not eat. When it’s time for braces, consider a full-service dental office. Getting your braces from the same office means that you’ll get the proper care before and after the braces come on or are taken off. They can follow your child’s teeth and orthodontic treatment to make sure that smile remains bright and beautiful.