5 Reasons You Want to Pay Attention to Your Lips – They Make You Beautiful!

Reasons You Want to Pay Attention to Your Lips

You may not have given them much thought – but the surprising results of a scientific study reported in the Daily Mail, may change your mind. Break out that lipstick – your lips are an important part of your beauty. Here are 5 things you need to know.

1. Pay Attention. He is. Scientist found that in the first ten seconds a man gazes on a new woman, he spends more than half the time looking at her mouth. But, with one condition, she had to be wearing lipstick.

2. It Might Be Genetic. Big hips might be found attractive because they’re a signal of an easy birth translated as fertility. Likewise, men may be drawn to lips because full lips are a sign that the jaws have grown correction and aligned. It’s a good indicator of genetic health. Something everyone wants in a mate.

3. Go Red. Try this fact — when a woman has on red lipstick, during that first meeting and those first 10 seconds, a man will keep looking at those lips for 7.3 seconds. If pink is your color, you’re giving up a little over a half second of face time. Still, pink lipstick holds his attention for 6.7 seconds. No lipstick? The lips only got about 2.2 seconds of attention.

4. Why Red? One theory is that red lipstick mimics our ancient ancestors. It mimics the sign of arousal in primates. When a female primate is aroused, blood rushes to the lips – willingness is on full display. Red lipstick may send that same kind of sensual signal.

5. Lips Are Sensual. Research leader Dr. Geoff Beattie says the “lips represent one of the most sensual aspects of a woman’s body and play a critical role in human sexual attraction.” It’s evidently something women have instinctually known across the ages. Think Cleopatra. Ancient Egyptians commons used red lipstick.

So, who has the most attractive lips? Many poles put Angelina Jolie at the top of the list. But, lips aside – or open. At some point, a woman is going to have to give a man that come-hither smile. Then, your teeth are what helps seal the deal. If your teeth are crooked, yellowed, broken or, simply, unattractive, make that appointment at your local full service dental office. You’ll be amazed at what modern cosmetic dentistry can do for your smile! So, make the call and then break out your reddest red lipstick.