5 Things You Want in a Dental Office Beyond Great Care

Things You Want in a Dental Office Beyond Great Care

The first thing you want when selecting a Dental Office is, of course, an excellent dentist who takes an interest in you and your care. Here are other 5 things to consider when you’re selecting a new dental office.

1. The Staff. Take a long look at the culture of the dental office. How do the employees treat each other? How does the dentist treat his staff? You want to find a happy office where each member of the staff enjoys their job and their associates. Of course, everyone has a bad day now and then, but people who are satisfied with their job do a better job of satisfying you. The dentist should treat his staff with respect and kindness and expect them to treat you the same way.

2. The Services. Once you’ve established a good relationship with your dental office, you want them to be able to provide full services for you and your family. Be sure to ask what range of services are offered. Does the dental office provide orthodontia? What about cosmetic procedure? Implants? If you’re comfortable with your dentist and his or her office, you want to have as much care as possible available.

3. Financial Concerns. Are payment options available? Will the dental office work with you if you need an expensive procedure? Do they take your insurance? In many cases, dental insurance is somewhat limited and some dental procedures can be very expensive. You want to be sure that if necessary, you can get the care you need and a financial arrangement that will work for your budget.

4. Your Family. Does the dental office provide services for your entire family? You want an environment that is comfortable for both you and your children. You want each member of the family to be treated with caring respect. There are many advantages to having a family dentist, but that means finding a dentist where services are offered at age-appropriate levels for the kids with a child-friendly environment as well as one where adult dental problems are well-handled.

5. Scheduling. How long does it take to get an appointment? What if you need emergency care? You want a dentist who is prepared to help you if you are in pain and who can schedule your appointments in a reasonable timeframe. You also want to know if they offer extended or weekend hours that will be more convenient for you,

6. Contact. It’s easy to put off that appointment to have your teeth cleaned or to postpone dental care you know you need. Ask the dental office if they stay in touch with you. Will they send an appointment reminder more than once? Do they let you know if they have added a service? In today’s wired (or wireless) world, there are many ways for your dentist to stay in touch with you.

When you’re looking for a dentist makes that dentist’s skills your first priority, but then look beyond the dentist to his staff and office environment. Today’s full-service dental offices may be exactly right for both you and your family.