4 Things People Found When They Left Their Garage Door Open

Things People Found When They Left Their Garage Door Open

You left your garage door open and you expect to come home to some missing tools – or, maybe, you’ve got your fingers crossed that someone helped themselves to all those Christmas lights you hate to hang. Well, in these 4 cases what happened wasn’t what the garage owner expected.

1. You Think Your Garage Is Pretty Foxy. You’ve got it cleaned up and it’s looking good. That may be what a Virginia resident thought when the door was left open for all to see. After all, it was just a trip to the mailbox so why close the door. But, when the resident returned, there was some rapid movement and a blur of grey. A squirrel? Not in this case – this time it was a baby grey fox. Bet that door stayed open until the fox moved on.

2. Famous Bands Start In Garages. You know them – Paul Revere and the Raiders, Nervana, The Who and more. They’re bands that got their start playing and practicing in the garage. So, just maybe the Texas resident who left her garage door open is in on the start of something big. She knew that the twin boys liked music and played everything from the French horn to didgeridoos, but she didn’t know she’s left the garage door open until a neighbor called her and asked her to turn down the noise. She was a work and her open garage was an invitation to the twins to practice their musical skills.

3. It Was Almost Stolen. Imagine the panic. You’ve saved and saved for that riding lawn mower and its finally yours. Then, a friend calls and says your garage door is open so you head home in a panic and, sure enough, there’s no riding lawn mower in the garage. But, wait, you hear a motor and turn around. There is your shame-faced neighbor giving his yard a trim – on your new riding lawnmower. Hmmmm. Maybe the neighbor let him borrow his weed eater in return.

4. And, Babies Make It’s morning and time to take out the garbage. That’s what a New York woman thought when she grabbed her trash bag and opened the door to her garage. “Somebody” had gotten to her garbage before her. It was a mama bear who was cheerfully finishing off a bag of chips she found in the garbage while her twin (that’s right 2 of ‘em) cubs were happily playing with the scraps. Bet that garage door got closed and checked and rechecked every night after that.

Worried about what you would find – or not find – if you accidentally leave your garage door open? It’s time to talk to your garage door replacement and repair company and move into the future. Today’s new garage door openers are amazing. You can close your door with your smartphone. Your smartphone can tell you if the door is open or closed – or if someone is opening the door. When they say “there’s an app for that”, they mean it and all of today’s technology has come home to your garage. Call your garage door replacement company today and find out more.