4 Tips to Get Swimsuit Ready

Tips to Get Swimsuit Ready

First, accept yourself. If you’re a little pear shaped or a bit of an apple, don’t put yourself down. Instead, use these 4 tips to get healthier and get yourself in the best possible shape so you can put that swimsuit on and wear it proudly.

1. Mix It Up. Mixing up your workouts will make them more fun, work different sets of muscles and avoid those annoying plateaus. If you can incorporate springs, hills and some high-impact exercises. If your idea of exercise is just a walk, again, think about mixing it up and adding some higher energy intervals. Maybe you just jog for half a block or you pick a new route that has some hilly terrain. Don’t rule out adding working out with weights to your routine. Be sure to check with your doctor before you start a new exercise program and think about working with a trainer for a couple of sessions (or more) to get some expert advice.

2. Up The Energy To A New Level. Ask yourself what you can do to add some more energy to your workout. Aim for upping the ante at least two days out of the week. For example, if you do squats, add a jump when you are back to the standing position. It’s a simple more and you may be surprised that it’s also a challenge.

3. Think Whole Foods! Not the grocery store, the things that are in any grocery store. Highly processed foods lead to weight gain. There the fat in deep-fried foods and there’s the fat in an avocado. Your body needs fats – healthy fats like that avocado. Look for whole grains. Avoid white – white rice, white bread, white potatoes. You’re going to find that when you start eating healthier your cravings for high-fat foods is going to diminish. You’ll be healthier, stay in touch and feel better.

4. Sleep. You may not think that sleeping is going to do anything to help you get in that bathing suit, but your body recovers, heals and restores itself when you’re asleep. Plus, getting those zzzz’s (7 or 8 hours) is going to mean you wake up energized and that makes going on that morning jog or visit to the gym is going to be easier and more fun.

Putting more effort into your workouts, eating healthier and getting the rest you need will all help you get in swimsuit shape – with a bonus! You’re not just going to look better; you’re going to feel better. And, that should be your real goal – to be the healthiest you that you can be. If your weight has reached a danger point where it is a negative impact on your good health, make this the summer of you take action. If you’ve tried and failed, think about getting a consultation at a medical weight loss center. They can give you a fast start that gives you confidence. Help you take the weight off and help you keep the weight off! You’ll find a supportive staff and the medical grade shots and pills that will get you to your goal!