6 Questions to Ask About the Warranty on Your New Windows

Questions to Ask About the Warranty on Your New Windows

The warranty of your new windows may take some unexpected twists and turns. Here are 6 questions you should have answered about the warranty before you buy.

1. A Lifetime Warranty? What is a lifetime? Is it the length of time you live in your home? Is it the lifetime of the window itself and how is that judged? Does it cover the windows as long as anyone is living in the home and is it transferable if you sell your home? That can be an advantage when you sell. Make sure you understand the terms of your warranty and if it covers both the windows and the installation.

2. Who Warranties What? In general, the company that manufacturer covers the warranty on the glass and the company that installs the glass would cover the workmanship and installation. You want to know if you have two warranties and the terms of both.

3. What About The Window Screen? Windows come with screens but the warranties may not cover them. Since screens take abuse, you might want to know if they have any coverage and the term of that coverage.

4. What About Accidental Glass Breakage? If the kids put a baseball through the window or Dad is practicing his golf swing and really shanks the ball, what next? If your window is damaged or broken, is that covered by the warranty? What about “acts of God” like a heavy storm? Does that go under your Homeowner’s Policy or is there coverage from the glass company?

5. What If You Need Help Right Now? It is unlikely, but it can happen. What if a major window is broken leaving your home vulnerable to the weather or theft? Does the installation company have a service tech on call to close that big hole? What is the timetable you can expect for response?

6. What Costs Might You Become Responsible To Pay? If the warranty is transferrable, do you have to pay for the transfer? You also want to know if the warranty is prorated and you will have to pay something for repairs under the warranty as time goes by. If you do have a warranty issue with the glass, will you be charged for a service call by the company who handled the installation? You want to know what can happen now and in the future.

Replacement windows are a major investment so make sure you do your homework. Ask all the right questions and do some basic research on the company you’re thinking of choosing. Are they licensed and on their employees insured? Will they be doing the installation and standing behind it? How long have they been in business? You want to choose your window replacement company carefully so you know that your investment is protected by a strong warranty and a reputable business.