5 Ways to Flatten Your Belly and Get Rid of Belly Bloat

Flatten Your Belly and Get Rid of Belly Bloat

It’s summer. That means swimsuits and shorts. What do you want? A flat belly that looks great no matter who skinpy the suit or tight the shorts. Here are 5 things you can do that will help rid you of that winter belly bloat.

1. Twist And Shout. Getting rid of excess or, at least twist. Bending and twisting into different yoga positions can help wake up your digestive system and getting ready of excess air that may be causing the bloat. Try a downward dog, cobra or warrior. They may help end the bloat and they’re almost certain to make you feel better!

2. Move. Cardio is a winner – from a treadmill or a summer outdoor run. Jumping jacks work. They all increase the circulation of oxygen and that will get everything moving. Move until you sweat to shed the heavy feeling you have when you’re a little bloated. High-intensity interval workouts are great for working up a sweat. Not into running or sweating, just walk. Walking swiftly will help increase oxygen and blood flow – doing forget to swing those arms.

3. Sleep. Ahhh, here’s a prescription to get rid of bloat that you can love. You need six to eight hours of sleep to give your body time to eliminate toxins and repair itself. Lack of sleep may slow down your metabolism and it may mean you’re just too tired to make good, healthy decisions during the day. So, get that shuteye.

4. Hydrate. You hear it all the time. Staying hydrated is good for you and it will help you get rid of bloat. If you can’t up the amount of water you drink (you’re stuck in meetings or whatever), try this. Increase the foods that are natural diuretics. Cucumbers, asparagus, lemon and green tea can all help you get rid of fluids to de-bloat.

5. Don’t Obsess. Live in the present. It won’t do you any good to worry about what you ate or didn’t eat, what you drank or didn’t drink or how much time you exercised – or not at all. Be positive and be healthy. Experience a mindful attitude that puts the emphasis on the here and now – not the would-haves or should-haves. Do your best and be proud when you rock that swimsuit by seeing the positives, not the negatives.

If you wish all you had to worry about was bloat and if you wouldn’t be caught dead in a swimsuit, maybe it’s time to get serious about your weight loss. If you are so overweight that it has a negative impact on your health, take action. If you’ve tried and failed, consider the extra help you’ll get at a medical weight loss center. Your diet will be personalized and you’ll find an encouraging staff plus medical grade shots and pills to make your weight-loss journey easier. Plus, your plan will be delivered with the supervision of a medical weight loss specialist. It just might get you back in bathing suit!