5 Things Your Dentist Knows About Your Smile

Things Your Dentist Knows About Your Smile

Have you ever wondered why some smiles are so famous? Smiles like Julia Roberts or Tom Cruise make the rest of us smile, too. Your dentist knows 5 things about your smile that you probably don’t – and your dentist can help make your smile exactly right.

1. Gum Display And Color: Everyone smiles a bit differently. Too little gum and you have a “toothy” smile – this smile may age you as smiles tend to show less gum as you age. Too much gum may make your teeth look small. One thing is for sure – you want your gums to look healthy and pink. Swollen gums, which are a sign of gum disease, will definitely dim your smile. Regular dental checkups will help keep your gums and your smile healthy!

2. The Incisal Edge: You may be thinking of your incisors, but the incisal edge is the edge of your teeth that bit into food. You want matching pairs of teeth – like those central or lateral incisors – to have “matching” edges and shape. Chipped teeth, missing teeth or, even, teeth that are too small can cause an irregular edge that dampens your grin. Talk to your dentist about veneers, implants or crowns to give you that regular, attractive edge.

3. Dental Midline: Symmetry counts. It is an essential part of your good looks – and your beautiful smile. Your dental midline should match your facial midline. The center of your smile is between your two central incisors (your front teeth). If it is moved to one side or another, it may make your smile less attractive, but it can be fixed! Talk to your dentist about orthodontics.

4. Buccal Corridor: Don’t know what it is? It’s the area between your teeth and the corner of your mouth. It’s the dark space that contrasts with your teeth to balance your smile. If you have a too much space here, it may look like you’re missing a tooth. Not enough space? Your smile is likely to look toothy and crowded. Talk to your dentist!

5. Cant: This is the tilt of your teeth. You want your teeth to be close to vertical and for all of your teeth to form an even line. If your teeth are tilted to the front or the back, your smile isn’t going to be as attractive, but, worse, it may make it harder for you to bite and chew. Again, orthodontics may be the answer.

If you’re not happy with your smile, talk to your dentist and see if he or she can help you identify what would make it more beautiful. Today’s full service dental offices can offer you everything you need from implants to replace a missing or diseased tooth to orthodontics. Your dentist wants you to leave the office happy and smiling so don’t put off discussing your smile with your dentist.