3 Reasons a Massage Will Make You Feel Better

Reasons a Massage Will Make You Feel Better

If you think getting a massage is just for fun, you’ll be surprised at the physical and mental benefits you get from a massage by a massage therapist. It’s going to make you feel better and here are 3 reasons why.

1. The Relaxation Response. Being touched is part of being human. Babies who aren’t held and cuddled are likely to develop with an attachment disorder. Even as adults, the relaxation response is involuntary – but predicable. Our bodies find a safe touch relaxing and responds accordingly. It is thought – although still being studied – that the relaxation response to a massage actually increases the level of serotonin in the brain. Massage slows your heart and breathing. It lowers your blood pressure. It helps your muscles relax. It is a positive effect that can decrease stress and reduce the risks associated with stress. Simply, it makes your body feel good and it can help create a positive mental attitude.

2. Improved Circulation. Massage is said to improve both blood and lymph circulation. This is likely to come from both the manipulation of tissue and the chemicals released in the relaxation response. What does it mean? Improved circulation means that oxygen and nutrients delivery is improved. It also means that the removal of waste materials from cells in more efficient and that can mean that excess fluid is absorbed and swelling of soft tissue is reduced.

3. Tissue Relaxation. You’re tense – or you’ve had an injury. Your muscles are contracted your tendons and ligaments are tight. This can put pressure on your nerves and that can cause pain. As massage relaxes tissue, including the superficial layers of muscles, the pressure on the nerves is released. Both the superficial – and the deeper – tissue can find better alignment. Your organs share neurological pain pathways with your bones, muscles and nerves so they may also benefit from the relaxation of tissues. You feel better all over – inside and out.

A massage can relax you. It can help you heal. It can curb your stress – and, it’s an overall enjoyable experience. A massage therapist is a professional who has trained to help you feel your best. If you’ve never tried a massage, see how it improves your outlook on life and your body. Call your massage spa for an appointment soon!