5 Things to Do to Get Ready for Summer

Things to Do to Get Ready for Summer

Here are 5 things to add to your summer to-do list. They’ll help you avoid problems and they’ll help you have fun!

1. Check The Irrigation. You want a beautiful summer lawn. No lawn? You don’t want to lose your favorite plant. Check your irrigation and sprinklers. If it’s starting to warm up, change your irrigation system to match the hotter weather. While you’re working on the outdoors, be sure to add some seasonal color whether you’re replanting a flower bed or just setting out some pots with summer plants.

2. Out With Spring-In With Summer. When the school year ends, sort through all that school stuff. Pick out your favorites and put those pretty drawings up on the frig. If you’re keeping a scrapbook, put aside some of their best work to add to those special scrapbooks – or put those papers away in a storage bin to save. Now, recycle the rest and, then, move into summer. Check the bathing suits and see if new ones are needed. Pull out the gear for summer sports – whether it’s a baseball team or just getting the bikes ready for family fun.

3. Clean Gutters and Downspouts. If the gutters filled with winter debris, they’re not ready for the first summer rainstorm. If you’re collecting runoff to use for summer watering (good for you!) make sure that the downspouts are positioned to fill your rain barrels.

4. Check Those Screens. You’re going to want to be able to open windows to let in the cool, summer night air. You may want to open the door to let in the wonderful scents and breezes that mark the beginning of summer. If your screens aren’t in good enough shape to keep bugs out and let you enjoy keeping windows and doors open, call your window replacement company and ask about repairing or replacing those worn out screens.

5. Make A Summer Fun List! Sometimes summer just slips away. The kids never got that lemonade stand up and running. You didn’t make it to the farmer’s market or the orchard where you could pick your own fruit. That weekend at the beach just didn’t happen and you never made it to a baseball game to cheer your team. Sit down with the family and decide what everyone wants to do – and what is possible. Then make your summer fun list – posting it on a big chalkboard and checking off what gets done will help you look back at this summer as the one that was filled with fun!

Most of the things on this list can be DIY, but don’t be afraid to call in a pro. You want your irrigation system to work perfectly so you water your plants without waste. If you’ve looked at those screens and realized that the windows themselves are the problem, call a licensed window replacement company and start summer with new energy efficient windows that will help reduce your utility bill. Take care of the must-do’s and then relax and enjoy the season!