6 Considerations to Use When Planning to Install New Windows

Installing New Windows

You’re going to buy new replacement windows. You’ve put it in the budget. But, you don’t know when is the best time to buy and have them installed. Here are 6 considerations.

1. Don’t Worry! If you’re ready for new windows, a professional window replacement company can put them in at any time of the year. Windows are replaced one at a time from the outside so if you have visions of open, gapping window frames, forget them. Your home is open to the elements for a very, very brief period of time.

2. Know Your Climate. Climate is going to play an important role. Window installation for an entire home can take as little as a day and usually not more than two or three days, depending on the size of your home. Weather can cause delays. So, it’s probably best not to schedule your replacement installation during the rainy season or in the winter when you know it’s going to be snowy out.

3. Off Season. People buy windows all year round, but the busiest times usually come right before it’s going to get very hot or very cold. So, if you want windows to keep you warm in the winter, August is a great time as the summer customers probably are enjoying their new windows and the winter customers are more likely to act in September or October. The same is true of the early spring months when weather is just starting to get nice.

4. Weather Can Impact The Installation. You know that the installer is not going to be working if it’s raining cats and dogs, but, beyond that, high humidity, cold and moisture can keep the caulking for setting as well and as quickly and forming the tightest possible seal.

5. Timing Is Everything. Not really, but if you choose to have your windows replaced at a time of the year when the window replacement company is not as busy, the chances are that you will get the bid on your new windows and their installation quicker and with less waiting time for an appointment to open up.

6. Don’t Wait! If you decide to purchase new windows, don’t put off your purchase waiting for the perfect time of the year to buy and install. You’re going to find competitive pricing year round and you are going to start saving as soon as your new energy-efficient windows are installed. So, when you’re ready to buy, start shopping!

When you are looking for replacement windows for your home, be sure the bids from licensed window replacement companies. You want a professional to do the job and make sure that your new windows are everything you want them to be – stylish and energy efficient. A window pro will help you find the right window to enhance the architecture of your home and make sure the installation is done expediently and correctly. Working with a licensed window replacement company is your assurance of a job well done.