3 Reasons Willpower Isn’t Enough to Help You Lose Weight – and 3 Things That Might Help!

Reasons Willpower Isn’t Enough to Help You Lose Weight

You beat yourself up. If you just had more willpower, you’d walk away from that donut in the breakroom and you’d grab a cool, refreshing water instead of a sugary soda. You’d lose weight? Right? Not necessarily. Here are 3 ways willpower may work against reaching your weight loss goal and 3 things that might help.

How Willpower Works Against You

1. It’s Negative. You think that willpower is a good, positive thing, but think about. When it comes to dieting, willpower is all about “I won’t”. I won’t eat that. Your focus is more on what you can’t do than what you can and that doesn’t breed success.

2. The Blame Game. One day that breakroom donut calls your name and you give in. What happens next? If you’re like many dieters, you feel like you’ve failed so you spend the rest of the day eating everything you’ve been denying yourself. Often, it doesn’t stop with just a day. You simply say “I’ve failed” and give up.

3. It Creates Stress. You’re always concentrating on not doing something. It stresses you out. You go to lunch and look at everyone with those yummy sandwiches and you look at your little salad and feel deprived. That’s stress and stress release the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is not a good hormone. It increases weight around your stomach – the danger area — and it makes you crave “comfort” food – that cake, that donut, all those high-calorie treats.

3 Things to Help You Lose Weight

1. Be Positive. Get rid of the “I can’t” attitude and replace it with a can-do attitude. I can enjoy a cup of berries. I can have that relaxing cup of tea that I really enjoy. You can have a small serving of pasta with your lean protein and veggies as your main course. Make a mental switch that turns your thinking around and dieting just go a whole lot easier.

2. Be Prepared. Think through the things that are your failure points. If it’s that donut, how about packing up a serving of fruit so you can sit down with everyone in the breakroom, enjoy the conversation and eat something that is both good and good for you!

3. Know Yourself. And, most importantly, know your hunger. Slow down. Listen to your body so that you quit eating as you become satisfied – not when you’re so full it almost hurts. Learn to have a healthy snack if you are getting hungry. Let your body tell you what it needs instead of letting your mind tell you what you want.

Sometimes staying positive takes a team – and some success. Consider talking to the staff at a medical weightloss center. You’ll find the support that will help you focus on the positive and the medical grade help to give you a quick start to your weight loss. That just might be the real encouragement you need to stick with the plan and take weight off now and keep it off for good!