The How and Why of Putting Your Car into the Garage – 5 Tips

Putting Your Car into the Garage

You have a garage and it’s meant to hold your car, but, if you are like many, your car has never seen the inside of that garage. Here are 5 things to know about how and why you should keep your car in the garage.

Drive down almost any street and you’re going to see an open garage door that shows a garage that’s packed with stuff and a car parked on the curb. Moving that stuff and putting your car in the garage is a good idea. Here are 5 tips on why and how to get it done.

1. Unclutter. The first step is to know how your car will fit into the garage. You have to move enough of “the stuff” to get the car into the garage. So start moving. Put the stuff you take out in three piles – one to keep, one to donate and one for a garage sale (don’t like garage sales – put it all in the donate pile). Now, drive the car into the garage. Put down some tape to mark the spot (with open doors) and back the car out of the garage.

2. Make appropriate space. Putting the car in the garage next to a stack of yard tools or next to the kids’ bikes and outdoor gear isn’t smart. Ditto for parking next to a leaning tower of boxes. You want your car to remain unblemished – that’s why you’re putting it in the garage so clear the space around where you are going to park the car and fill them back up wisely. Storage boxes on sturdy shelves will work as they are unlikely to fall.

3. Why go to the work? We’re going to talk about that. But, start with knows that sheltering your car inside is going to protect it – from dust, wind, rain, hail and those pesky pigeons. So? So, all those things accelerate the aging of the protective finish on your car. A car that stays in a garage whenever it’s “home” will look better longer. That’s one reason.

4. Your car is protected. When you put your car into a garage, you have reduced the opportunity for theft or vandalism and damage from the elements. Check with your insurance agent. You might even get a break on your premium!

5. You’re protected, too. You’ve taken your car out of the hot sun. You’ve protected it from rain or snow or hail. And, best of all, you’ve protected yourself! No more mad dashes to the curb when it’s raining or very cold or very hot. And, you won’t have to use oven gloves to handle that hot steering wheel. It’s a win-win.

If you’ve moved your car into the garage – or even if you haven’t – make sure you get a yearly maintenance from a licensed garage door repair company. You want the door to open and close without fail – whether you’re on your way to work or just getting out the kids’ bikes. More importantly, you want to know that the auto reverse feature works to keep all the ones you love – your family, your friends and your pets – safe. A yearly maintenance will mean seamless operation and safety!