5 Things to Know Before Your Massage

Things to Know Before Your Massage

What to do – what not to do. To talk or not to talk. Here are 5 things you should know before you go for your first massage.

1. You’re Seeing A Massage Therapist. So, don’t call them a masseuse. That’s not what they are. They are fully trained in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, pathology and ethics. Your massage is being given to you by a highly trained professional. So, as much fun as it is to say masseuse, it’s the wrong name for the professional you are seeing and could offend.

2. Don’t Worry If You’re Not Perfect. The massage therapist isn’t worried about your body. A therapist is not there to judge. They are there to put you at ease and, then, ease the everyday tensions away. They don’t care if your legs are freshly shaved or if you have some stubble. Same is true of a man’s face. When it comes to your bottom, again, it’s not cute, sexy, big or small. It’s a muscle they are going to massage so if you’re uncomfortable ask that you be covered with a sheet and the massage therapist can massage through that light covering.

3. Speaking Of Naked. The massage therapist isn’t interested in the all of you. In fact, they have been trained on how to drape you. They want to protect your modesty as well as their own. So, if you feel comfortable, let them expose your butt and work on your glutes but they don’t want or need to see anything else.

4. Talk About Your Health And Your Massage. Better safe than sorry. If you have a medical condition or are taking a drug, let the massage therapist know. For example, a blood thinner and a deep tissue massage may not be compatible. Also, let them know if you have an area you’d like them to address like the tension in your shoulders. Let them know if you’d like more pressure or less. Let them know what you like and what you don’t. It will help them personalize your massage for you.

5. Be Respectful. Arrive on time. Your message therapist is working on a schedule with more clients to come. Don’t use too much perfume (none is best) as your therapist will be working on your body for about an hour. In that time, your perfume or lotion may become overwhelming no matter how good it smells. Let the massage therapist know what you think about the massage. If you’re disappointed or unhappy, say so and say it soon enough so they may be able to correct the problem.

Remember, when you go for a massage, it’s the therapists job to do the work. Your job is to relax and enjoy. Leave your troubles behind and get rid of tension. If you haven’t had a massage, think about making an appointment at a massage spa today.