4 Reasons a Business Needs a Shredding Company

Shredding Company

You want to protect your corporate identity. You want to protect the personal information you have that concerns your customers and your employees. You, simply, want to get rid of some paper and know it will be recycled. You’re going to hire a shredding company. Good idea. Here’s 4 more reasons why it works.

1. The Little Things: Have you thought about how much stuff goes into the wastebasket every day? There’s the post-its, “to do” lists, first drafts of important plans, misprinted forms or worksheets, there are drafts of proposals and bids and drafts of correspondence. Put it all together and the wrong person can learn more about your company than you ever thought. When you hire a shredding company, they will provide secure, locked containers which makes it easy for your employees to put everything that should be shredded into the shredder.

2. Busy Employees: Over the recession, many companies reduced their staff. That means that today’s employees may be busier than ever. So, things pile up. There’s a pile of papers that need to be shredded and they’re likely to be stacked up in a file folder or “out” box. That’s definitely not a secure place. So, again, count on those secure containers. Your shredding company will place them in the most strategic places to make it easy for your employees to put them in a locked container instead of the corner of their desk.

3. Eyes Only: Who’s going to run the shredder? It’s probably not the valued employee that you entrust with your most sensitive information. More likely it’s someone lower on the scale whose time isn’t quite as valuable. The act of in-office shredding may fall to the new employee or the mail boy. Your common sense should tell you that you don’t want one employee reading or handling the private information about another employee. Payroll information, sensitive legal documents, proprietary information may all be “trusted” to a person you really don’t know if you can trust. When you hire, you’ll find that shredding companies have very strict requirements about background checks so the shredding is left to someone who has been fully vetted.

4. Regular Shredding: You need a retention schedule. You need to know when sensitive documents should be destroyed and when you might want to seek secure storage for them. Note that many shredding companies also provide secure document storage where your papers are catalogued, easily accessible and can even be scheduled for a shredding date. Under Federal Rule 26 you must provide all relevant records to the opposing counsel within 85 days and in the event of an audit you may need to provide documentation. Know when to store and when to shred and then count on a professional shredding company to keep you on schedule.

If you’re ready to hire a shredding company, consider on-site shredding. You’ll get those necessary locked storage bins and complete reassurance that your sensitive documents are completely destroyed because it will happen before your eyes at your business!