5 Bedroom Decorating Tips from the National Sleep Foundation

National Sleep Foundation

What’s the perfect bedroom? The answer is really simple – the perfect bedroom is one that help you relax and get a good night’s rest. Here are 5 tips from the National Sleep Foundation to help make your bedroom a sleepy sanctuary.

1. Colors: The bright red boudoir or the sunny yellow bedchamber may not be the answer. The NSF says go with relaxing colors. The popular new palette of greys give you great choices and a light blue is always calming. Think of creating a warm and cozy cocoon. Warm, but subdued colors – like those in the last glow of the sunset – are great accents.

2. Smell: What’s your favorite? Jasmine? Vanilla? Lavender? Don’t neglect your nose. Again, think calming scents. Lavender, which is thought to promote sleep, is one choice but if that’s not your favorite think of another scent that makes you feel good. Use oils, candles or sprays or go natural. You can always add a fragrant plant to your bedroom décor.

3. Light: Plan the lighting in your bedroom and, then, plan on using them like sunset. The setting sun signals our brains that the day is over and sleep is on its way. The National Sleep Foundation suggests using dimmer switches. Or, simply switch off that bright, overhead light and turn on a small, shaded bedside lamp as you move closer to bedtime. Candles can provide a dim light, a lovely scent and a romantic mood. Make sure you have blackout curtains. Midnight should be pitch black.

4. Pillows: Beautiful decorative pillows may be too much. If you’re moving decorative pillows out of your way every night, it’s a step that may not be necessary – especially if they end up cluttering the floor. Keep the number of pillows consistent with what you need to sleep and, maybe, a couple more that canbe easily removed. Be sure to match your pillow to your sleep style – side, back or stomach.

5. One More Bed: If you’ve been sharing your bed with Miss Kitty or Mr. Rover, consider buying them a comfortable – even orthopedic – pet bed. Having pets sleep in the bed with you disrupts your sleep according to a study by Sealy Mattress Company. You’re going to find a great selection of pet beds – in decorative patterns and colors that will match your décor!

The center of a good night’s sleep is your mattress. If your mattress is getting old, saggy, or just plain uncomfortable, the most restful room décor won’t do the trick. Consider shopping at a locally-owned bedding store. You’ll see the many different types of beds available today – all engineered for a good night’s sleep. You just have to decide what one is right for you. A local store is more likely to be able to help you select the right bed not just for your sleep style but also for your city’s climate. If your mattress needs replacing, don’t wait. A good night’s rest means a better day ahead!