3 Famous Smiles that Came with a Price

Famous Smiles that Came with a Price

Think of these stars – handsome, beautiful, amazing. And, of course, they have amazing smile, but those smiles came at a very high cost. Here are 3 stars whose dental problems will make you wonder how they even managed a smile.

1. Clark Gable: This leading man ended up with an Oscar –because of severe dental problems. Gable suffered from gum problems as a child. A serious case of pyorrhea, a set of inflammatory diseases that affect the gums and the bone that secure teeth, followed while he was filming Dancing Lady.Most of his teeth had to be extracted and the star was hospitalized.Gable retreated to Canada to rest and allow his gums to heal so he could get dentures. Unfortunately, his troubles weren’t over as the infection returned and he was back in the hospital. The happy ending is that eventually his smile returned. However, MGM’s Louis Mayer was so angry over the delay and the costs – the film went $150,000 over budget – that he loaned Gable to Columbia Pictures to teach him a lesson. The picture Gable made at Columbia, It Happened One Night, won him his only Oscar. Another side-effect wasn’t as pleasant. His leading ladies complained about his bad breath – that included “Scarlett O’Hara (Vivien Leigh) during the filming of the class Gone with the Wind.

2. Lil’ Wayne: Dental problems happened then and they happen now. Lil’ Wayne says he was “addicted” to candy as a child and, after all, he is a rock star. So, he decided to cover up those decayed teeth with a “grill”. $150,000 later his teeth were “crowned” with gold and diamonds. However, that didn’t end the decay and under all that bling, his teeth were rotting. They were so bad that his 2010 prison sentence had to be delayed so he could have 8 hours of dental surgery, including eight root canals and implants. Wonder what that dental work cost?

3. Joan Crawford: The legendary beauty got part of her good looks from dental work – not genes. Her distinctive smile was the result of infection and pain. Hollywood believed that removing back teeth accented the cheek’s hollows and created a slimmer, more attractive face. Crawford had molars pulled and then her front teeth were spaced out with dentist’s cement before they were fitted with dental caps. Not only were the procedures painful; Crawford developed an infection. Her whole mouth swelled up and, somehow, her upper lip never returned to normal size. Today’s actresses may use fillers in their lips, but Crawford achieved her full, distinctive lips the hard way. Her dental problems persisted throughout her life and in her late 60s major dental surgery required round-the-clock medical care during her recovery.

Today’s cosmetic dentistry is much more advanced. But, if you need help in creating your perfect smile, find a full-service dental office that can give you both good advice and excellent care. That way you’ll enjoy a lifetime of good dental health and a wonderful smile.